Episode 1 - Mission 4A - Striking Distance

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Striking Distance
Date 2668.220.1400
Fighter Gladius
Wingmen Longshot and Macho
Other Friendly Ships 2 Stiletto, 1 Gladius wings, Lionheart
  • Primary
    • Escort Lionheart to final staging area
  • Hidden Secondary
    • Search Intercept NAV for hostiles
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Lose too many fighters
Episode 1 - Mission 5B – Final Strike
Join the pirates

Preflight Conversations

There are no conversations before this mission.


We're almost there, people. Our mission now is to escort the Lionheart to a position near the pirate base. It is from this position, marked as NAV 2, that we'll stage the assault on the base. I'll lead the Gladii on this run. Stay alert for ambushes, the pirates know this area far better than we do.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

Since the Pirate Base has been located, the Lionheart is now ready to move into position to strike the base. The mission is to escort the Lionheart to this new position. You will be flying a Gladius. Longshot and Macho are your wingmen. In the original version of this guide, Dundradal wrote: The Gladius is a better ship than the Stiletto, however it has its own limitations. Its shields and armor still leave something to be desired, however, the additional missiles are a welcome sight. There is a second wing of Gladii and two wings of Stilettos accompanying your wing for this mission.

Unless the Lionheart is destroyed, most ejections end with a friendly pickup. The exception is Intercept Nav, where ejections result in a Kilrathi pickup.

Nav 1 has one Sabre and two Talons. However, ten seconds after arriving one Sabre, four Tarsus and twelve Talons appear behind the Lionheart. Be sure to eliminate the Sabres quickly as they can make short work of the Lionheart.

Nav 2 contains three Talons. After they have been destroyed, you receive word of a hostile contact at the edge of sensor range. Your wing is sent to investigate. In the process you learn that Squealer and some of the others are not hostages, but rather are the pirates themselves. Given the choice between joining the pirates and his oath to the Confederation, Bradshaw chooses wisely. He shorts out his flight recorder to prevent the conversation from becoming common knowledge.