Ella Superbase

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Ella Superbase
Type Superbase 1
Primary user Terran Confederation

The Ella Superbase is a massive space station located in the Ella System in the Sol Sector. It is a major installation of the Terran Confederation and houses thousands of Confederation citizens. Ella is a civilian installation and therefore largely unarmed. It relies on Confederation security forces to ensure its defense in times of war.

The Ella Superbase was targeted by the BWS Intrepid in 2673 when Union of Border Worlds forces were rushing to Earth to prevent Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn and his illegal Black Lance forces from securing a declaration of war against the Border Worlds with manufactured evidence. They pursued Tolwyn on his flagship, the TCS Vesuvius, and the chase eventually led them to the Ella System. Unfortunately, the Ella Superbase was in their path, threatening the secrecy of their presence in the system. Border Worlds Colonel Jacob Manley argued that they needed to destroy the superbase, but Colonel Tamara Farnsworth suggested bypassing it, stating the wilful inflicting of civilian casualties as being morally wrong. Intrepid commander Colonel Christopher Blair concurred, and ultimately decided that it would be most appropriate to bypass the base altogether.

The BWS Intrepid bypasses the Ella Superbase in its pursuit of the TCS Vesuvius.

The Ella Superbase was ultimately spared from Border World attack, although it further alerted Admiral Tolwyn to the Border Worlds forces' presence in the system.

Behind the scenes

Ella Superbase was featured in Wing Commander 4. If the player so chooses the starbase can be destroyed using the Flash-Pak.

Ella Superbase destroyed (non-canonical).