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  • While en route to Caernarvon Station, Maverick and Shadow are recalled to the Concordia to ward off an enemy ambush. Although they defeat the Kilrathi, Shadow is killed in action and Maverick is stranded on the Concordia as it jumps into the Niven System.
  • The Kilrathi launch an occupation of the Niven System.
  • The TCS William Tell arrives in Niven as the new escort to the Concordia.
  • Mariko Tanaka is sent on patrol to investigate Kilrathi activity in the system. Maverick is forbidden to fly combat missions and instead flies recon to detect Kilrathi ship movements in the Niven System. He engages several enemy patrols during the mission.


  • Sunspot activity disables all communications with Niven. Maverick delivers a communications package to Niven in order to reestablish contact with the planet.
  • A Terran traitor on the Concordia transfers classified intelligence to the Kilrathi. Communications Specialist McGuffin discovers this and is shot dead by the traitor. McGuffin is later found with Dirk "Stingray" Wright's pilot wings in his hand. All crew and personnel are ordered to surrender their sidearms.
  • Upon completing his mission, Maverick leaves Niven and is ordered to escort the medical transports TCS Bhomis and TCS Excalibur to the Terran outpost at Argarrio II.
  • Maverick returns to the Concordia and surrenders his sidearm upon arrival.


  • Stingray is temporarily pulled from the flight roster on suspicion of murder.
  • Maverick is deployed to defend the perimeter of the Concordia. During the mission, he encounters enemy stealth fighters, but his flight recorder is damaged and Angel refuses to report the occurrence, instead labeling the stealth fighters as Drakhris.


  • The Concordia arrives at Ghorah Khar, a separatist Kilrathi colony seeking to join the Terran Confederation. It is discovered that the Kilrathi incursion in Niven was actually an assault on Ghorah Khar.
  • Maverick and Ralgha nar Hhallas, now known as "Hobbes" are deployed to gather reconnaissance on enemy activity in the Ghorah Khar System. During the mission, they kill a Kilrathi ace known as "Human-Killer".


  • Hobbes and Maverick escort the TCS Bonnie Heather, a Special Operations vessel commanded by James Taggart, to the Concordia.
  • The Confederation prepares to defend Ghorah Khar from the incoming Kilrathi. Paladin investigates the destruction of the Ghorah Khar shipyards ten years beforehand.


  • A combined force of Kilrathi fighters and corvettes attack Olympus Station at Ghorah Khar. Maverick and Hobbes scramble to defend the station. During the mission, they escort a flight of Broadswords assigned to defend a minesweeper en route to Olympus.
  • Maverick and Hobbes ward off a second attack on Olympus. Upon returning to the Concordia, Hobbes is given credit for the victory.
  • The Kilrathi retreat from Ghorah Khar. Crown Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka orders the destruction of the Concordia.