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In-System Security, also known as the ISS, is a branch of the Terran Confederation Armed Forces. Their main objective is the security of the thousands of Terran colonies found across the Terran Confederation, and therefore do not serve on the frontlines unless it is absolutely necessary.

In-System Security employs the use of dozens of space stations and reserve starfighters in order to protect the individual colonies of each system. Most of the starfighters they fly no longer serve on the frontlines and are considered secondary craft. In-System Security is often where reservists serve when they are not required on the frontlines.

After the loss of the TCS Tiger's Claw in 2656, Colonel Christopher Blair was wrongly accused of negligence and demoted to Captain. He was then transferred to In-System Security, which was requesting a veteran pilot. For ten years, Blair served on Caernarvon Station in the Gwynedd System, away from the frontlines escorting garbage shuttles to and from the facility. He finally rejoined the fields of battle when he saved the TCS Concordia from an enemy ambush, and eventually proved his innocence in the destruction of the Claw.

Another notable ISS pilot was Elizabeth Norwood, also known as "Shadow". She was a close friend of Blair during his ISS service and assisted in the defense of the Concordia. Tragically, she was killed in action, a mere month before she was due to retire as a civilian.

The ISS faithfully protected the Terran colonies throughout the entire Terran-Kilrathi War, and remains active in peacetime.