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Sector Vega Sector
Quadrant Day Quadrant
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Delius is a star system located in the Vega Sector. It is a territory of the Terran Confederation.

Little is known about the Delius System. It likely hosted only a moderate population and was under the control of the Kilrathi Empire as of 2669. They possessed at least one supply depot in the system, located in an asteroid field.

In 2669, Locanda fell to the Kilrathi after its population was exterminated by a Kilrathi biological attack. Soon afterwards, Trafalgar and Delius were both cleansed with similar weapons, and Blackmane's defensive lines collapsed. The death toll from the Delius attack last stood at 2,867.

After their offensive in the Ariel System, the crew of the TCS Victory fled to Delius after taking a severe beating from the Kilrathi garrison there while trying to flee the system. The Victory conducted extensive repairs at Delius while its pilots focused on the destruction of the Kilrathi Supply Base. The attack is eventually successful and the Kilrathi lines in Delius are badly weakened. (NOTE: The canonical status of this event is determined by the player's success in the Ariel System)