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Sector Vega Sector
Quadrant Day Quadrant
Jump Links Ariel, Segallion, Delius, Torgo, Locanda

Caliban is a star system in the Vega Sector. As of 2669, it was controlled by the Terran Confederation. It is unknown how many planets it hosts or what its population is.

Caliban was the system where the TCS Victory retreated after its successful assault on the Kilrathi-controlled Ariel System. The vessel was forced to divert its course here after the Kilrathi closed off their preselected jump point in Ariel by means of nebula gases. The Victory was forced to fly through an asteroid field as it outran an entire strike force of Kilrathi pursuers. The Terrans onboard were able to hold them back long enough for the Victory to escape into secure territory.

During this engagement the Terrans had their first encounter with the K'ha'haf, a Kilrathi starfighter built around an asteroid that attempted to ambush the enemy from the cover of the asteroid belt, with only limited success.

While here, Crown Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka sent a televised message to the Victory, declaring that its top pilot and his personal rival Colonel Christopher Blair, aka "The Heart of the Tiger", would be vanquished and the Terrans crushed. This message seemed nothing more than propaganda to the crew, but in reality awoke sleeper cell Colonel Ralgha nar Hhallas, a Kilrathi Colonel in the Terran Navy who subsequently betrayed his Terran comrades for his race.