Chirichan Pirate Clan

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Chirichan Pirate Clan
Homeworld Draknor
Demonym(s) Chirichan
Government Chirichan Guard

The Chirichan Pirate Clan is a remnant band of Cyborgs which engages in piracy in the Tri-System. The Chirichan are known to be cold, fast and terminal. They tend to keep to themselves. They do not hire human mercenaries and do not engage in politics. They remain hostile to the Universal Government and consider their primary purpose to eliminate humans. This takes the forms of direct attacks in which they locate and kill humans and pirate their spacecraft and posessions and efforts to smuggle weapons and coma-inducing drugs to human factions. The band is thriving today. A Chirichan has been quoted as declaring "we've never had it so good" over the sub-vacuum frequency around 2790. The Commerce & Communications Network advises users "not to think about messing with them".

The clan was formed as a result of a violent rebellion decades before 2790. The revolt occured when Cyborgs on several older planets and mining camps became fed up with demeaning and dangerous working conditions imposed on them by humanoids and joined together to fight for their freedom. Tens of thousands were killed on both sides of the conflict before the Chirichans gained their independance from the Universal Government. The band spend decades wandering without a home before settling at the abandoned Draknor at Nav 153. The location of their base continues to vary.

Chirichans operate the PLM3 Demon light fighter, ML04 Heron medium fighter, PL2A Testmos heavy fighter, SH2A Shuttle and CR2B Cruiser. Their spacecraft have yellow markings.



CCN Entry

Chirichan Pirate Clan
Space Station (Location variable)

Colder than 10 minutes in a vacuum, faster than a Bex Monk when last orders are called, more terminal than a Taxi fare on Janus IV, this highly organised and calculating band of Cyborgs have one and only one purpose in life: find humans, kill them and steal their ship and/or possessions. After becoming rather irritated at having to do all the dirty work for humans, they opted to take the old Cyborg cliche of bloody revolt, and haven't looked back since. As one of them was heard to say recently over the sub-vacuum frequency, "We've never had it so good". Would you argue the point? Don't even think about messing with them.

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2

The Chirichan are a remnant band of cyborgs who gained their independence in a bloody revolt decades ago. Fed up with the demeaning and dangerous working conditions imposed on them by humanoids, cyborg populations on several older planets and mining camps joined together in rebellion. Tens of thousands were destroyed on both sides in the conflict. The remaining cyborgs banded together and eventually located to Draknor space station at Nav 153.

The Chirichan generally keep to themselves - they do their own plundering and avoid calling on human mercenaries. They have no real political ambitions, save perhaps a general, vengeful desire to eradicate the human race, which tends to steer them toward smuggling weapons and highly addictive, coma-inducing drugs.


Behind the Screens

Like the other three pirate clans, the Chirichan are named after a North American Indigenous group. The Chiricahua are a band of Apache Native Americans.