Finbhar Cratchett - Part A

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Finbhar Cratchett - Part A
Date 2790
Type Escort
Payment 2,200 CR
Objectives The medical ship reaches its destination.
Failure The medical ship is destroyed.
Landouts 3
Previous Davis & Co. Armaments and Supplies, Nerve Weapon - Part C
Next Finbhar Cratchett - Part B

Mission Layout

  • Nav #12

Bulletin Board


There is a cargo ship at Nav Point #12 that contains cybernetic limbs for children at my orphanage. The escort I hired has abandoned it, taking the credits I foolishly paid them in advance. Please would anyone out there take over the escort and ensure the cargo makes it to the space station at Nav Point #142 where they can be repaired so that my little ones can walk again. You will be credited on completion of the mission.


Working For: Finbhar Cratchett, Orphanage Director.
There's a cargo ship at Nav Point #12 that needs to reach the space dock at Nav Point #142. See that it does.


Success Failure

See Finbhar Cratchett - Part B.

See Finbhar Cratchett - Part B.