Chirichan Pirate Clan

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Chirichan Pirate Clan
Space Station (Location variable)

Colder than 10 minutes in a vacuum, faster than a Bex Monk when last orders are called, more terminal than a Taxi fare on Janus IV, this highly organised and calculating band of Cyborgs have one and only one purpose in life: find humans, kill them and steal their ship and/or possessions. After becoming rather irritated at having to do all the dirty work for humans, they opted to take the old Cyborg cliche of bloody revolt, and haven't looked back since. As one of them was heard to say recently over the sub-vacuum frequency, "We've never had it so good". Would you argue the point? Don't even think about messing with them.

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2

The Chirichan are a remnant band of cyborgs who gained their independence in a bloody revolt decades ago. Fed up with the demeaning and dangerous working conditions imposed on them by humanoids, cyborg populations on several older planets and mining camps joined together in rebellion. Tens of thousands were destroyed on both sides in the conflict. The remaining cyborgs banded together and eventually located to Draknor space station at Nav 153.

The Chirichan generally keep to themselves - they do their own plundering and avoid calling on human mercenaries. They have no real political ambitions, save perhaps a general, vengeful desire to eradicate the human race, which tends to steer them toward smuggling weapons and highly addictive, coma-inducing drugs.

Behind the Screens

Given the origin of the Kiowa pirate clan's name, it is likely that the Chirichan are named for the Chiricahua, an Apache Indian tribe.