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Wing Commander: Freedom Flight
Freedomflight high.jpg
Author(s) Mercedes Lackey
Ellen Guon
Cover Artist Paul Alexander
Language(s) English
Publisher Baen Books
Publication Date December 1992
Pages 275 pp
ISBN 0-671-72145-3

The first Wing Commander novel, Freedom Flight was released in 1992 by Baen Books. It was outlined by famed fantasy novel author Mercedes Lackey, and written by Origin employee Ellen Guon, author of the scripts for Secret Missions 2, Wing Commander II, and Special Operations 1 and 2. The two would later go on to write several books together.

The plot is set during the events of Secret Missions 2: Crusade, as Ralgha nar Hhallas, Kilrathi nobleman, Fleet captain and Ghorah Khar underground rebel, is tasked to defect with his ship to further the rebellion against the Emperor. The subsequent story follows four main characters: James "Paladin" Taggart, Confed special ops agent; Kirha, a young Kilrathi retainer; Ian "Hunter" St. John, Confederation fighter pilot, and K'Kai, Firekkan pilot and patriot.

Cover Copy


Ralgha nar Hhallas, captain of a war cruiser, noble lord of the
Kilrathi Empire―and a rebel. . . .
Captain K'Kai of Firekka, first of her winged species to leave her
planet for the stars. . . .
Captain Ian St. John, call sign, “Hunter,” hotshot human pilot―
he thinks he's just in it for the thrill of the chase. . . .
Rikik, K'kai's niece, hereditary leader of her clan―all she wants to
do is follow in her notorious relative's footsteps and fly the stars. . . .
They were as disreputable a gang of misfits as ever flew between
the stars. But together they would free a world.....


Sie sind tollkühne, waghalsige Piloten, und sie führen einen abenteuerlichen Kampf. Captain Hunter und seine Leute fliegen pausenlos ihre Einsätze gegen das Imperium der Kilrathi. Doch Hunter hat trotz aller Schwierigkeiten einen gewaltigen Vorteil. Lord Ralgha spioniert für die Terraner. Da aber wird er verhaftet: Er soll ein Rebell sein. Hunter und seine Leute müssen ihren Spion retten...
WING COMMANDER ist eines der erfolgreichsten Computerspiele aller Zeiten. Nun endlich liegt der erste Roman über das verwegene Kilrathi-Universum vor. In den USA ein absoluter Bestseller - nicht nur bei Computer-Fans!

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The German language edition, Wing Commander: Die Befreier, was published by Bastei Lubbe Verlag in 1994.

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