Janet McCullough

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Janet McCullough
Callsign Sparks
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Free Republic of the Landreich
Service/branch Navy
Rank Lieutenant
Battles/wars Vega Campaign
Third Enigma Campaign
First Battle of Kilrah
Battle of Earth
Battle of Loki
Battle of Baka Kar

TCS Austin

Janet McCullough began her career as a technician aboard the TCS Austin in 2655. She also spent some time aboard the TCS Tiger's Claw during the Austin and Claw's bid to repel the Firekkan Sivar-Eshrad invasion fleet soon after. Her talents included an apparently immunity to the temporary space sickness referred to as jump shock. Likeable and intelligent with a radiant smile, she was affectionately referred to as Sparks by the pilots she worked with.

TCS Concordia

By 2665 she was promoted to Chief Petty Officer aboard the TCS Concordia and befriended the downtrodden Christopher Blair. They shared information on ship-board incidents that did not seem to make sense and ultimately lead to the discovery of Zachary Colson as a Mandarin operative. On 2667.077 she secretly outfitted Blair's Sabre with torpedoes for a surprise strike on K'tithrak Mang helping to end the struggle for Enigma Sector.

After the successful Enigma Campaign, an explosion set by the Mandarin saboteur Maria Grimaldi injured her. She soon transferred off the Concordia to become the Chief Fighter Maintenance Officer aboard the TCS Tarawa and participate in Operation Back Lash. McCullough was wounded during this operation and resigned from the fleet on 2668.228 during the Armistice. By this time she had been promoted to the rank of lieutenant.

Free Corps and DesRon 67

As part of the group called to Windward by Tolwyn for investigation of the Kilrathi Hari Shipyards, she worked closely with her comrades during the false peace. After the Battle of Earth she became Damage Control Officer aboard the TCS Coventry under Bondarevsky during the Behemoth Operation. She led the team that saved Bondarevsky when the Coventry took severe damage from a mine and the ship's bridge was exposed to space. The two retired together after the Treaty of Torgo.

Project Goliath

McCullough followed Bondarevsky to his new seaside resort on Odessa, looking after him during his recovery. After his recovery she followed him to the Landreich. On 2670.292 she was recruited into Project Goliath and by 2671.036 became a Lieutenant in the Free Republic of the Landreich Navy. Although she held romantic feelings for Bondarevsky, she felt it was never been the right time to share this with him, with Bondarevsky either involved with Svetlana Ivanova or his duties as the captain of the Tarawa and Coventry.

On the FRLS Mjollnir, Jorkad lan Mraal helped McCullough set up Strakha simulator modules so the humans could train on Kilrathi fighters and piloted a Kofar shuttle when necessary. She was also part of the action that boarded the KIS Wexarragh on 2671.041 as part of the raid on Baka Kar.