Banshee (UBW)

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Type Light Fighter
Manufacturer Verier Underground
Primary User Union of Border Worlds
Additional Users Black Lance
Length 23.5 meters
Mass 18 metric tonnes
Max Velocity 500 KPS
Max Afterburner Velocity 1300 KPS
Acceleration 550 KPS
Max Afterburner Acceleration 900 k/s2
Max Y/P/R 100/70/100 DPS
Missiles 4x2 {2HS/2HS/2HS/2HS}
Armor 80/80/80/80 cm
Shields 250 cm
Decoys 16
Cloak None
Jump Drive None
Crew 1
Devices None

Banshee Target Designation, circa 2673.

The Banshee is a light fighter primarily used by the Union of Border Worlds.


The Banshee is everything that characterizes a light fighter: fast, maneuverable, armed with a standard loadout, and bred for dogfighting. The Banshee is a space superiority fighter best suited for patrol, escort, and raiding missions, only occasionally carrying out offensive missions against enemy starships or convoys. The Banshee is not the best-armored fighter in combat, but it makes up for this with its speed, allowing it to dodge enemy fire for prolonged periods of time.


The Banshee is primarily fielded by the Union of Border Worlds, serving as its mainstay light fighter. It should not be confused with the A-20 Banshee, a Kilrathi War-era Confederation fighter of the same name.

The Banshee served in many actions during the Border Worlds Conflict of 2673. Banshees served on several Border Worlds carriers and were commonly seen on patrols throughout Union space, and were fielded in great numbers by the Border Worlds Militia. The Banshee served with distinction on the BWS Intrepid, and undertook numerous actions against the Black Lance while the vessel was commanded by Colonel Christopher Blair. However, they were also acquired by the Black Lance who used them to harass vessels from the Terran Confederation to incite open warfare between the Confederation and the Union. Many Banshees were destroyed during the course of the conflict.