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Wing Commander II
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Wing Commander II is an Origin FX movie which plays cinematics from Wing Commander II in randomly selected frames representing Wing Commander, Ultima and reality. Users can set the path where they have installed a copy of Wing Commander II for the full selection. If Wing Commander II is not installed then it plays three demo cinematics (the introductory logo, the Hha'ifra's establshing shot and Prince Thrakhath being tractor beamed). Users can choose whether to display subtitles and the Wing Commander logo. Two pieces of music from Wing Commander II play during the movie.

Origin FX Owner's Manual


Spend a few minutes, an hour, or even a day at the movies! In theaters both real and imagined, view outtakes from one of the most popular games of all time. Wing Commander II. If you haven’t yet played the game, this is your chance to get a taste of its richly textured science fiction realms, both natural and artificial. If you have, you’ll feel right at home with your favorite characters and scenes.

To add additional art files from a copy of Wing Commander II on your hard drive, follow the short instructions for “Wing Commander II Path” (in Preferences, page 6).

Wing Commander II Path

The Wing Commander II module displays a few of the most spectacular cine- matic sequences from that game. However, if you have Wing Commander II itself loaded on your hard drive, you can view all of its cinematic highlights with this module.

If you specify the location of Wing Commander II in this Preference box, you will give ORIGIN FX access to the best art files in home or office enter- tainment. (The best, that is, until we create even more spectacular sequences in future games!) If you add Wing Commander II to your hard drive after you’ve already installed ORIGIN FX, just return to this Preference box and fill in the game’s path to expand this module. (For example, you might fill in: “C:\WING2”.)

(Note that if you later remove Wing Commander II from your hard drive, you will once more be limited to just those sequences included with ORIGIN FX, itself.)


  • Prince Thrakhath lives to fight again!
  • Prince Thrakhath's star cruiser
  • Broadsword-Clydesdale refueling
  • A Ferret landing on Niven
  • The Rescue of Jazz
  • The Concordia hides in an asteroid field
  • Stealth fighters destroy the Tigers Claw
  • Broadswords launching from Concordia
  • Epees launching from Concordia
  • Ferrets launching from Concordia
  • Rapiers launching from Concordia
  • Sabres launching from Concordia
  • Ferret launching from Caernarvon
  • Rapier launching from Caernarvon
  • Ferret launching from Niven
  • Ferret launching from planet
  • Broadsword landing on Concordia
  • Epee landing on Concordia
  • Ferret landing on Concordia
  • Rapier landing on Concordia
  • Sabre landing on Concordia
  • Ferret landing on Caernarvon
  • Rapier landing on Caernarvon
  • Our Hero and Angel
  • Tractor beam rescue
  • Data capsule retrieval
  • Prince Thrakhath's star cruiser
  • A Tractor Beam Rescue


Show Subtitles - sets whether the movie displays a descriptive subtitle

Show Logo - sets whether the Wing Commander logo appears around the cinematic

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