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Air Show
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Air Show is an Origin FX movie which sees spacecraft and aircraft fly around the desktop one at a time. Air Show includes fourteen different vehicles. They were taken from the then in-development Strike Commander and Wing Commander Privateer. Many of the Strike Commander aircraft were ultimately cut from the game.

Origin FX Owner's Manual


This is a spectacular Air and Space exhibit of the future, featuring planes from WWII and Desert Storm, as well as unusual fighters and exploratory vessels of near and distant fictional futures. These fantastic flying machines have brought about many a victory and will certainly win a place among your favorite distractions.

Many of the planes shown here are featured attractions in Strike Commander, while the space ships can be seen in their natural environment, questing for adventure and profit, in Privateer. In this show, though, they are all proud to cruise peaceably over the landscape of your screen.


Clear Screen - switches from the desktop to a black screen when the movie begins

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