Asteroid Field

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Asteroid Field
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Asteroid Field is an Origin FX movie which flys through a variety of asteroids and pieces of space debris. There are 19 possible objects (4 asteroids and 15 pieces of junk). All are taken from Wing Commander II and Wing Commander Privateer.

Origin FX Owner's Manual


Space, the cluttered frontier. Asteroids hurtle through the void accompanied, if you wish it, by a veritable cornucopia of space junk. There are mine fields, O-rings, even bits of star ships long since destroyed. You always have the option to do a little house clean- ing (screen cleaning?) and tone the density down, traveling through a clearer comer of the universe. You can even determine the regularity or randomness of your travels.

Object Identification

Wing Commander II objects display differently than in the original game because the palette has been altered to allow for the inclusion of Privateer artwork.


From Center - sets whether objects fly towards or around the screen

Maximum Items - sets how many objects appear in the asteroid field (1-15)

Space Junk - sets whether the asteroid field includes space junk (ship wreckage, mines, chaff pods and debris)

Screen Shots

Sprite Sheets