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Sector Kilrah Sector
Quadrant Kur'u Caxki Quadrant
Jump Links H'rekkah, Kher-za, Dhores, H'hrass, G'wrikath, Tyr

G'wriss is a star system in the Kilrah Sector and a territory of the former Kilrathi Empire. Its alternate name is Kr'azna.

G'wriss is located deep in Kilrathi space and was thus largely ignored during the Terran-Kilrathi War. It later became a territory of the Kilrathi Assembly of Clans.

In 2681, the former Kilrathi Empire was invaded by an alien race known only as the "Nephilim". G'wriss was one of many systems to fall to this enemy race during their initial onslaught. After narrowly escaping destruction in the H'rekkah System, the newly-commissioned TCS Midway fled to this system, with its communications and supply lines completely cut off. While it considered its options for escape, the Midway rushed to the aid of a Terran convoy en route to the colony of Taliban. Unfortunately, despite a swift response from the Midway, the convoy was quickly destroyed by the enemy forces, and only one ship survived the attack.

The Midway made its way towards the nearby H'hrass System, where they hoped to make contact with the H'hrass Communications Station in an attempt to contact High Command. However, they had to fight off an enemy cruiser force that just got finished wiping out a Kilrathi fleet and the aforementioned convoy. The defense was successful and the Midway fled to H'hrass, though not without losing many of its pilots.