TCS Sheffield

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TCS Sheffield
Type Southampton-Class Destroyer
Primary User Terran Confederation

The TCS Sheffield was a Southampton-Class Destroyer that served in the Terran-Kilrathi War with the Terran Confederation. In 2669, it was a member of Destroyer Squadron 67, alongside the TCS Coventry and the TCS Ajax, a Tallahassee-Class Cruiser. The Sheffield and its unit served as escorts for the TCS Victory.

The Sheffield defended the Victory during several vital operations, including the failed attempt to repel the Kilrathi at Locanda, the 2669 attack on Ariel, and the subsequent escape into the Caliban System. When the TCS Behemoth was launched by Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn, the Sheffield and its task force served as its escorts until the vessel was lost while en route to destroy Kilrah. The Sheffield was ambushed by a large force of pursing Kilrathi in Alcor, but survived the ambush thanks to the intervention of the Victory's pilots.

The Sheffield fought the Kilrathi forces occupying Freya, and joined the Terran fleet in the system prior to the Temblor Bomb attack on Kilrah, which brought about the end of the Terran-Kilrathi War.