TCS Ajax

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TCS Ajax
Type Tallahassee-Class Cruiser
Primary User Terran Confederation

The TCS Ajax was a Tallahassee-Class Cruiser that served in the Terran-Kilrathi War with the Terran Confederation. In 2669, it was part of Destroyer Squadron 67 alongside the TCS Coventry and the TCS Sheffield, both of them Southampton-Class Destroyers. The Ajax and its squadron were charged with escorting the TCS Victory during 2669.

The Ajax and its task force accompanied the Victory during its failed attempt to thwart the Kilrathi biological attack on Locanda, the 2669 offensive in Ariel, and alongside the Victory when it was assigned as escort for the TCS Behemoth during its test run. After the Behemoth was lost, the Ajax took part in the offensive in Freya, the first phase in the operation that would see the Y22A-1 Temblor Bomb destroy Kilrah. The Ajax formed part of the Confederation fleet stationed at Freya as Colonel Christopher Blair delivered the Temblor Bomb.