Sigma Wing (Bifrost System) (SM1)

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Sigma Wing
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Michael Casey
Previous Theta Wing (Bifrost System)
Next Mission Success
Mu Wing (Valgard System)
Mission Failure
Iota Wing (Retreating from Kilrathi Territory)

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

The Killer Bees had captured a Kilrathi ship that yielded strike assignments in the Vega Sector. If we could get back to Vega, we would be able to set ambushes against their fighters.

Mission Profile:

Since we were located where the fuel depot had been, the colonel thought we could intercept Kilrathi ships coming in that were unaware of its destruction. He told Iceman and me to fly a Comet-style patrol in which we would circle the carrier, then fly to three known Kilrathi jump points.

Mission Chronology:

1. We circled the carrier but didn't find any enemy fighters.
2. Three Krant appeared 14,575 kilometers from Nav 1.
3. Two Lumbari found 65,806 kilometers from Nav 2.
4. Three Gratha and a Ralari found 14,796 kilometers from Nav 2.
5. Four Jalthi attacked us when 20,077 kilometers from Nav 3.
6. Fralthi engaged at Nav 3.
7. Attacked three Krant 48,000 kilometers from the Tiger's Claw.

Post-Mission Analysis:

Since we were flying Rapiers, we had the laser cannons to use at long range and the neutrons for close-in dogfighting. Combined with our dumb-fires, image-recognition and Friend-or-Foe missiles, our arsenal provided a lot of flexibility.

Our basic strategy was to take advantage of our strengths. With a tremendous speed advantage over any enemy fighter, we stayed at long range and blasted away with the lasers until we had damaged the enemy's shields. Then we moved in close to finish the job with missiles, full guns, or neutrons. We kept a finger on the afterburners and just ran away when attacked.

Preflight Conversations


You pilots really deserve a pat on the back. Getting that supply station was what everybody needed.
Have you looked around? Everyone's more alert...
...walking tall, looking good.
I think we were all half-dead until that station went up in flames.
Now... now, the pilots have hope. Hope that maybe we can win.
That's what they needed.


Maverick! Any bets on which one of us is going to bag the ship with the Kilrathi secret weapon?
That'll be something to have on your permanent record.
So-and-so of Tiger's Claw is credited with the kill...
... of the Kilrathi ship that destroyed Goddard Colony.'
I just hope that our boys in Tactical get a clean view on the kill.
I'd hate to ship with a carrier-load of pilots...
... all of whom think they'd put in the final missile.

Talk to ICEMAN

Sit down, Maverick.
It's coming down to the wire.
The enemy fleet is going to head straight to us now, right into our trap.
I want that ship with the secret weapon, the one that destroyed Goddard.
If we're wingmates on the strike against that ship...
... don't get between me and her.
That ship is going down, no matter what.
No matter what.

Mission Briefing

Peter Halcyon

Two Killer Bees captured a Kilrathi courier ship yesterday, when we were attacking the supply depot.
We now have a schematic, less than two days old...
... of the Kilrathi strike patrol assignments in Vega Sector.
What this means is that if we do manage to get back home safely...
... we're going to be able to nail those cats in Vega Sector.
A round of applause and cheers echo through the briefing room.
The other news is that the Bees identified the Kilrathi ship with the secret weapon...
...a super-dreadnought, which we've code-named the Sivar.
This may be the same ship that was sighted by our pilots, not far from our own position.
That ship will be our main target, pilots. We're going to lure her to this location...
And destroy her completely, AND the Kilrathi secret weapon.
But now we need to concentrate on today's mission.
The Tiger's Claw is now positioned where the base station was.
This means that we're probably going to intercept some incoming ships.
Now, a lot of them will be short on fuel, or in desperate need of repairs.
But we can't bet that any ship coming in will be an easy kill.
And we can't AFFORD for any of them to tell the Sivar that we're here.
So shoot to kill, pilots. Ignore ALL radio communications from the Kilrathi.
They can send out an emergency beacon to the Sivar...
... while they stay on the horn with you, pretending to negotiate.
More good news You've been reassigned to Rapiers for this mission.

Michael Casey

About damned time...

Peter Halcyon

We need our newest, best starfighters for these missions.
Each wing will have an individual assignment; listen for your name.

You wait as the Colonel assigns the other wings.

Peter Halcyon

Sigma Wing will be Maverick and Iceman, with Mavreick as wingleader.
You're running a Comet-Style Patrol mission. Remember those?
Launch, then move out to 1500 klicks and circle the Tiger's Claw...
... a few times. If you see any cats, attack and destroy.
When you're sure the area is clear, run out to Nav One.
This area is one of the closest jump points...
... and we can expect some incoming Kilrathi to pop up here.
Shoot over to Nav 2 next, clear it of bogies, and head for Nav 3.
Once you've eliminated any enemy forces there, return to the Claw.
Immediately upon your return, Epsilon will launch and head to Nav One.
In other words, we're doing a constant rotation of wings.
Until we know where the enemy is coming from, these Nav points will be under constant observation.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing -- $T, $D.

Peter Halcyon
Welcome back, Maverick. Report.
Christopher Blair
Yes, sir. At Nav 1, I saw a Krant patrol coming in, escorting a pair of tankers.
From the way they moved, I think they were low on fuel...
... a routine refueling wing returning from its mission.
Both of the tankers are trashed, Colonel.
A Ralari and its Gratha escort were cruising through Nav 2.
They had apparently just jumped into the system.
The Ralari is splashed, sir.
The real show, sir, was at Nav 3. A Fralthi-class cruiser was jumping in with a Jalthi escort.
My guess is they were responding to a distress call from the former depot.
Those mothers are tough, but that Fralthi is toasted.
Peter Halcyon
Wonderful, Maverick. I'm glad you contained the news of our presence.
Now the fleet's likely to continue her present course. Damn good job, mister.
Your kills totaled $K, Maverick.
Iceman killed $L himself. Good work.