Mu Wing (Valgard System)

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Mu Wing
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Michael Casey
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Mission Failure
Iota Wing (Retreating from Kilrathi Territory)

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

The super-dreadnaught Sivar, carrying the secret weapon, was near and running low on fuel. We couldn't go after it yet, because too many Kilrathi fighters and sports were around to provide protection. We would take care of that on this mission.

Mission Profile:

As Colonel Halcyon said, "Be cool and cruel." Our three-point search-and-destroy route was designed to engage as many Kilrathi ships as possible. To avoid a minefield, we would return via Nav 1 instead of heading home from Nav 3.

Mission Chronology:

1. Four Krant escorted a Lumbari 14,793 kilometers from Nav 1.
2. Two wings of Jalthi, two ships in each, protected a Dorkir when we were 14,770 kilometers from Nav 2.
3. Four Krant, two Fralthi, and two Gratha were in our sights when we were 24,747 kilometers from Nav 3.
4. Two more Gratha and two Jalthi joined the dogfight as we approached Nav 3.
5. Three Gratha and a Ralari appeared when we returned to Nav 1.

Post-Mission Analysis:

When Iceman and I talked after the mission, we were amazed that we had survived. Twenty-three ships had fallen to our guns and missiles.

I adopted a defensive posture throughout the mission, concentrating on avoiding damage to our ships instead of inflicting damage on the others. When Iceman or I was hit hard, I had Iceman form on my wing and we ran until repairs and regeneration were completed. Whenever I damaged a target, I called for Iceman to join my attack and we stayed with the enemy until he was destroyed. We were fortunate to be flying Rapiers that could travel at 450 KPS.

Preflight Conversations

Talk to Shotglass

Bar's closed, Maverick. No drinking allowed, Colonel's orders.
He wants everyone at 100 percent, even Paladin.
I'm outta here soon. See you later!

Mission Briefing

Peter Halcyon

We have good news and bad news.
The good news is, the Sivar is near. And she's low on fuel....
...because we've tracked and destroyed all of the fuel tankers in this area.
So we know she has to be on her way here. But we won't wait for her.
We're going to saddle up, head back along the Lumbari's course, and find the enemy fleet.
They're probably moving; we may have to hunt around a bit.
So we're launching all the wings along slightly different courses.
Maverick Stay alert. Once again, you're with Iceman, as Mu Wing.
Launch and cruise to your Nav One. If you meet any Kilrathi on arrival...
... dispose of them, and continue to Nav Two. Destroy any cats.
Then head to Nav 3. Get rid of any enemy ships and head for home.
Your return flight should be via Nav 1. That way you'll avoid the minefields entirely.
If you run into the Sivar, hit your squawk-box and let US know.
Questions? Yes, Angel?

Jeannette Devereaux

Good luck, my friends, and godspeed.

Peter Halcyon

All right, pilots. Let's launch.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing -- $T, $D.

Peter Halcyon
Welcome home, Maverick. Skip the fighter count, tell me if you iced any capital ships.
Christopher Blair
Yes, sir. Nav One had a loaded Lumbari tanker with a Dralthi escort.
Iceman and I iced the Lumbari, sir. She had to be headed for the Sivar, and we couldn't let those supplies get through.
And Nav 2 got hot pretty quickly.
There was a wing of Jalthi -- and a Dorkir-class transport.
The Dorkir was well-guarded...but it's history.
Peter Halcyon
Were there any other ships out there, Major?
Christopher Blair
Yes, there was one hell of a reception committee at Nav 3, Colonel.
Krant and Gratha, even a wing of Jalthi nearby...all under the guns of a pair of Fralthi.
BOTH of the Fralthi are toasted, Colonel.
On the way back, I found more Kilrathi ships waiting at Nav 1...
...a Ralari with Gratha nearby.
The Ralari is deleted, sir.
Peter Halcyon
The recorder credits you with killing $K, Maverick.
They show Iceman with $L.
That's all, Major. Why don't you hit the showers, take it easy for a while?