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Theta Wing
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

So many Raptors had been damaged that we would be reassigned to Scimitars while the techs attempted repairs on the heavier fighters. Previous patrols had pinpointed the location of the supply depot. It would be our ultimate goal.

Mission Profile:

Colonel Halcyon told us to cruise to the supply depot located at Nav 3, via two other navigation points. Along the way, we were ordered to clear out any enemy ships encountered.

Mission Chronology:

1. Three Salthi attacked 14,829 kilometers from Nav 1.
2. Two Krant encountered 15,241 kilometers from Nav 2. Two Krant and a Lumbari appeared following the first dogfight.
3. Four Jalthi formed the advance guard for the fuel depot and starbase. We hit them when17,502 kilometers from Nav 3.
4. The fuel depot and five Gratha were located at Nav 3.
5. Kilrathi mines discovered 49,000 kilometers from the carrier.

Post-Mission Analysis:

Knowing our main target would be well protected, I saved my missiles for the final assault. With only mass drivers armed, it would take forever to destroy such a large target with our guns. As it turned out, the target was tough to destroy even with my full complement of missiles.

There is so much armor and shielding on a starbase/depot that we had to just keep attacking the exact same point to have any chance at success. On the first run, I circled the starbase until I found a location where the Javelins could lock onto a heat signature. Then I just continually attacked that point, unleashing two Darts on the first run and my heat-seekers on the second. Ten more passes with guns only destroyed the target.

Preflight Conversations


Hey, Maverick. Here's your usual.
I heard everyone had a rough patrol.
But the grapevine says that all that Kilrathi activity...
... HAS to mean there's an installation nearby.
If it's not the station we're looking for...
... it'll be something else that we can grind into the dust.
I want you to nail some of those furballs for me today, Maverick. For me, and Zach.

Talk to ANGEL

Hello, Maverick. Care to sit down?
I was just reviewing tactics for attacking capital ships.
Ralari, Fralthi, or starbases, it's all the same.
If there are defenders, take them out first.
If possible, use only your guns on the defenders.
Save your missiles for the primary target. You will need them, non?
Try it the other way around, and the defenders will eat you alive.

Talk to SPIRIT

Good day, Major Blair. Have you come here to cheer me up?
The Colonel thinks that I am depressed. It is not so.
We live in uncertain times. And I have always known that Death walks beside each of us.
But if we destroy the Kilrathi fleet and their secret weapon, I will celebrate.
I will get very drunk, and swear quite loudly, and act much like Maniac or Hunter.
At least for an hour or two.
Or maybe not. What if my fiance were to learn of such behavior?

Mission Briefing

Peter Halcyon

We've got a lot to do and only a little time, so I'll keep this brief.
First, you'll be flying Scimitars...the techs are repairing the other ships.
And we've pinpointed the quadrant of the Kilrathi supply depot. Your mission is simple and strategic...
Go to Nav 1 and Nav 2. Eliminate any inbound Kilrathi warships...
Then head for the depot at Nav 3. Destroy it, and return to Tiger's Claw.
But be careful. You can bet your lives that the depot will be guarded.
Wing assignments

The Commander lists the other wing teams, then addresses you.

Peter Halcyon

Maverick, you and Paladin are Theta Wing again.
Get ready for immediate launch. Dismissed.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing -- $T, $D.

Peter Halcyon
Report, Theta Wing.
Christopher Blair
Ran into a Lumbari at Nav 2. That tanker is dusted, sir.
And then I headed for that supply depot.
It was tough, sir. One of the toughest missions I've ever flown.
Peter Halcyon
Enough theatrics, Maverick...what happened?
Christopher Blair
It's history, sir.
Peter Halcyon
Excellent, Major I knew you wouldn’t let us down.
And you nailed $K of those cats.