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The Pilgrims are a part of the human race who are considered the first space settlers from Earth. Often the term is used to refer to humans who were born in space in the beginning of space colonization era, these people began to follow the teachings based on the writings of Ivar Chu McDaniel.


Believing themselves to be the elect race, the Pilgrims began to look down toward humanity as being sinful and fallen from grace, and believe that the Pilgrims who deserve to inherit the rest of the universe.

Having inventing the Hopper Drive, the first interstellar drive, the Pilgrims imposed a quarantine zone toward Earth and the Sol system.

By the early 26th century, humanity invented the jump drive, the abilities of which far exceed the Hopper drive. The Terran Confederation's efforts to colonize regions of space beyond Pilgrim control led the Battle of Titan in 2631 and the following conflict known as the Pilgrim Wars.

With superior numbers and ships, the Confederation gained the upper hand and by 2634 the Pilgrim Alliance surrendered. Most Pilgrims were assimilated into the Confederation or left in the Pilgrim Enclave. Following the declaration of the Terran-Kilrathi War, some Pilgrims joined to defend the Confederation, while most remain neutral. A few individuals used the opportunity to have their revenge and attempt to destroy the Confederation in what later was known as the Olympus incident.

Following the reappearance of the Pilgrim Fleet (from the descendants of the original Ivar Chu McDaniel 1,200 expedition crew), almost all Pilgrims join them to unknown regions, making the Pilgrims a rarity in the known galaxy.


The Pilgrims are physiologically similar to human, except with their high affinity toward space travel. Unlike normal humans, the Pilgrim genes are attune to feel the space time continuum, which allows them to navigate through space with an uncanny ability.


The Pilgrim religion is mostly influenced by the teachings and writings of Ivar Chu McDaniel. The Pilgrims believe that they are saved unlike their brethren who are left behind to perish on Earth. Most Pilgrims wear a special cross, called the Pilgrim Cross, which is shaped like a cross with a half circle on top and etched with the symbol of stars and balance scales, symbolizing the judgement of humanity.

Notable Pilgrims