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This article is about the planet Earth. For other uses, see Terran (disambiguation).

Terran” refers to anything connected to planet Earth. Most frequently, this will refer to humans, which make up the most populous race in the Terran Confederation.

Terrans are intelligent, highly social, bipedal carbon-based life forms with a strong need to explore and gather knowledge, a trait that has spread the species far beyond its homeworld. Terrans are clever and inventive, traits that have ensured their survival despite countless bloody conflicts.

Eventually, humanity came to possess the ability to travel to different star systems, and over the centuries have expanded their dominion to numerous colonies scattered across the Milky Way Galaxy. By the 2600s, humanity had split up into various factions, including the Terran Confederation, the Union of Border Worlds, and the Free Republic of the Landreich.

During the 27th century, the Terrans fought a desperate war for survival against the aggressive, expansive and xenophobic Kilrathi Empire.