Akwende Drive

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The Akwende Jump Drive is currently the most popular form of extra-solar travel. While other means of travelling between star systems are available, they often involve far longer travel times that those afforded by the Akwende Drive.

The Jump Drive works by creating an anti-graviton particle field near a Jump-Point. Anti-gravitons, as their same suggests, are the anti-particle of gravitons, which are the mediating virtual particle for gravity. They interact with gravitions and cause the usual mutual annihilation of matter/anti-matter reactions. This means that gravity ceases to be in effect, and more importantly, there is a temporary dis-association of space-time. Normal space-time is bound so tightly that any dis-association caused will quickly be reversed under normal conditions, but at a Jump Point the altered fabric of space-time allows this dis-association to last long enough for a ship to pass through. With the rift created, the ship simply has to move into it and, from an external perspective, instantly appears on the other side. Shortly after, the rift will close as the inter-dimensional forces pull space-time back together as the anti-gravition field decays.

The typical price of a civilian-grade jump drive in the Gemini sector in the 2660s was 10,000 credits.

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