Omicron Wing (Vigrid System)

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Omicron Wing
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Joseph Khumalo
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Iota Wing (Retreating from Kilrathi Territory)

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

We had discovered the location of the Sivar, and the Kilrathi knew it. Their only chance to save the secret weapon was to launch a massive attack on the Tiger's Claw.

Mission Profile:

While other wings would shield the carrier from impending attack, Omicron would head to Nav 1 to check out an unknown bogie before returning to help protect the Tiger's Claw.

Mission Chronology:

1. We attacked two Jalthi when 14,864 kilometers from Nav 1.
2. Two more Jalthi, escorting a Ralari appear when we reach the first navigation point.
3. Five Gratha flew in to protect the Ralari.
4. Four wings of Gratha, 11 ships in all, attacked the carrier. Only two were there when we arrived, but other waves appeared during the initial dogfight.

Post-Mission Analysis:

If we hadn't been aggressive with the Jalthi at Nav 1, we would have been in trouble when the five Krant joined the battle. Luckily, we hit the Jalthi with full guns and didn't hold back on the use of missiles either. We ran circles around the Jalthi once we'd evaded their first pass with the guns, and that allowed us to hit their rear shields and armor. In the Rapier I figured Knight could avoid missiles, so I launched the Pilum first and then followed with the IRs. The missiles weakened the enemies enough that a few direct hits with full guns sent them screaming about the black void.

After the Jalthi, it was sliding time. We stayed with the afterburners and made hard turns to slide into attack position. At the carrier, we added insult to injury with constant taunts.

Preflight Conversations

Talk to Shotglass

You look like you're havin' a good day, Maverick.
'Course, knowing that the Sivar is sitting out there, running out of power...well, it helps.
Scuttlebutt has it that we're just about ready to go for the kill.
I hope that we get that shot soon...for Zach and Trisha.
Ah, but waiting's always the worst part...Bottoms up, Maverick.

Talk to Knight

Hey, Maverick. I heard that you just got assigned to the Black Lion squadron.
That means you'll be flying with me. Let's be careful out there, okay?
Well, I just hope that we're going after that dreadnought soon.
We're so deep into enemy territory, so far from our own lines...
...the Sivar's not the only one who can't resupply.

Talk to Iceman

Good job out there against the furballs, kid.
We'll go for the big one, real soon now.
Remember missiles. Don't use 'em up too fast, kid.
Your guns will sting, and take out the smaller targets for you...
..but there's nothing like a missile to finish the job.

Mission Briefing

Peter Halcyon

Attention! We need to get everyone on the flightline, fast.
Our tactical data has pinpointed the Sivar...and the Kilrathi know where we are.
They're sending a massive strike against the Tiger's Claw.
It will be all hands on deck..and in space.
Here's the setup...
Sensors show a large strike force massing at Nav 1.
Our guess is that they'll have at least one heavy ship, with multiple fighters.
Whatever's there, it has to be stopped before it jumps to our position.
When you're sure the area is clear, head back to the Claw.
Maverick and Knight get the duty. Your designation is Omicron Wing.

The Colonel assigns all other wings to other jumppoints, forming a shield around the 'Claw.

Peter Halcyon

Questions? All right, then...keep alert, and don't make any mistakes. Dismissed.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing -- $T, $D.

Peter Halcyon
Welcome back, Maverick. Report, and keep it short.
Christopher Blair
Yes, sir. I launched and ran out to Nav 1 to engage the strike force.
When I first arrived, it didn't seem all that bad...just a Ralari with Jalthi.
I should have guessed that another wing was on its way in.
Peter Halcyon
Fine. Did you trash the Ralari or not?
Christopher Blair
Yes, sir, I did.
Peter Halcyon
No need to discuss the fighters outside, Maverick. Between you and our gunners, they're history.
For the record, you killed $K.
Knight got $L himself.