Omicron Wing (Gimle System)

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Omicron Wing
Date 2654.135.1000
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Jeannette Devereaux
Objectives Proceed to Nav 1

Proceed to Nav 2
Proceed to Nav 3

Previous Zeta Wing (Gimle System)
Next Tau Wing (Gimle System)

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

It was the biggest disappointment of my career. Before I hit sick bay, Halcyon had told me I would be flying with Angel in the Gimle System. Now, Lieutenant Mariko was testing the prototype Rapier instead. Imagine, 450 KPS with enough acceleration to pull six gees, a laser cannon for distance, a neutron for trading punches in close, and the maneuverability to keep up with a Salthi. Now that's a machine.

As soon as I heard Omicron Wing had returned from their three-point patrol, I dashed to the bar and waited for their grand entrance. Everyone had the same idea and pushed into the tight quarters, to hear their report first-hand. They were beaming as they entered.

"Comparing a Rapier with any other ship we fly is similar to comparing the first hydrogen propulsion units with the ion drives we use now," said Angel. "Navigation point 1 was clear, but four Dralthi attempted to prevent our progress at 11,000 kilometers before Nav 2."

"We all know how quick and evasive they can be. With the Rapier, we hit them with the lasers as they approached at long range, and then matched every twist and turn when they came in close. I switched to neutrons, and since we can outrun them by about 50 KPS, just stayed on their tails and fired. A few shots and they were screaming about the black void of space. Spirit was just as successful using full guns."

"The two Gratha that we hit before Nav 3 display the real value of the Rapier," noted Spirit. "I just avoided their initial run toward us, then used my speed and maneuverability to take down their shields with my guns. One note of caution, however. Since the Rapier's maximum velocity is more than 100 KPS faster than the Gratha's, you risk collisions with the enemy if you aren't careful. Once the Gratha's shields were weakened, I took them out with a Spiculum IR and a Pilum FF. I fired the Pilum even though Angel was close by. I knew the Rapier would help her avoid the missile if it locked onto her ship."

Preflight Conversations


Hey, Maverick. How’s it goin’?
You heard about those new Rapiers? Ever'body's talkin' about 'em.
I'm not so sure about 'em, though.
I flew jus' about my whole career in Scimitars an' Raptors.
Liked the Raptor best, even though she didn't handle too good.
She sure was fast once you got her goin', though!

Talk to HUNTER

Maverick, , mate Have you 'eard the news?
The Claw's gettin' a prototype Rapier to test fly!
I've been lookin' over the specs on 'er.
She's tagged a light fighter, but she's better armed than a Scimitar.
There's a pair of laser cannons, for distance work...' a set of neutron guns, for the dirty infightin'!

Talk to MANIAC

I'm lookin' forward to seein' one of these new Rapiers!
They say she's got tougher shields than anything in the fleet.
She must be just about invulnerable!
Ian St. John
'Ang about, there, mate...
She may 'ave God's own shields, but she's armored like a light fighter.
If they knock down the shields, she's no tougher than a Hornet.
Todd Marshall
Wow, I never thought about that...

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing. Gimle System, 10:00 hours, 2654.135. Twenty minutes into the briefing…

Peter Halcyon
...and the last patrol will be Omicron wing.
Angel is Alive Angel is Dead
Peter Halcyon
That'll be Maverick and Angel.
Peter Halcyon
You'll be flying solo on this one, Maverick.
Christopher Blair
Right, sir.
Peter Halcyon
It's a simple, three-point patrol route.
Let's take a look at your flight plan.
Computer, display Omicron.
Just fly by each Nav Point, watching for signs of enemy activity.
There's a field of what looks like asteroids around Nav 1... watch yourself in that area.
Now, there's just one more thing about this mission I need to mention...
We've just gotten a pair of prototype starfighters, Rapier-class.
The brass wants to know how the Rapier performs in action... I want you to put her through the paces.
Ian St. John
Good job, Maverick, you lucky bloke Let me know 'ow she feels!
Peter Halcyon
Now, I don't want you going nuts out there, Maverick...
This is a hot piece of hardware, but it hasn't been tested under fire.
No one really knows what she can do ... or what she can't.
Christopher Blair
I understand, sir. Don't try anything too fancy...
Peter Halcyon
Now, if there aren't any questions...
All right, then. Squadron dismissed.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing. 12:40 hours, 2654.135.

Peter Halcyon
Welcome back, Maverick.
What'd you think of the Rapier?
Christopher Blair
She's quite a ship, sir.
Reached Nav 1 or 2 Did Not Reach Nav or 2
Christopher Blair
She slid through the asteroids at Nav 1 well enough.
Destroyed 2 Gratha Destroyed 1 Gratha Did Not Destroy Gratha
Christopher Blair
And she handled real well against a wing of Gratha near Nav 3.
Christopher Blair
She didn't feel too good against a wing of Gratha near Nav 3, though.
Wingman's Alive Wingman Dies/Solo
Peter Halcyon
And what did you think, Devereaux?
Flew Well Flew Poorly
Jeannette Devereaux
I must agree with the Maverick, mon colonel. It is quite a vessel.
Jeannette Devereaux
I believe that it will prove more effective even than the Raptor...
Gratha(s) Destroyed No Gratha Destroyed
Jeannette Devereaux
...especially against the more nimble Kilrathi fighters.
Peter Halcyon
Very well, then. I'll pass that along to Tactical.
I’ve already reviewed your flight recorder’s mission report.
Your Kills No Kills
Peter Halcyon
You skragged (number), Maverick...
Peter Halcyon
I saw no kills for you, Maverick.
Wingman's Kills No Kills
Peter Halcyon
and Angel did in (number) herself.
Peter Halcyon
and Angel came up empty.
Wingman's Alive/Solo Wingman Dies
Peter Halcyon
And the fleabags took out Angel.
Awards/Reprimands None
Peter Halcyon
Oh, and Maverick, I want to see you in my office after you've cleaned up.
Peter Halcyon

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