Omega Wing (Venice System)

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Omega Wing
Date 2654.287
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Ian St. John
Medal Terran Confederation Medal of Honor
Notes Engage and destroy Fralthi-class cruiser near Nav 1.

Proceed to Kilrathi Base.

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Alpha Wing (Goddard System)

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

This was the mission we had all been waiting for. Take out the starbase and destroy the Kilrathi High Command for the entire sector. Terran Intelligence believed the Kilrathi would expect us to attack with our capital ships, but we were sending in fighter wings instead. If we could punch through the Kilrathi defenses, our speed, firepower, and maneuverability would allow us to destroy the starbase.

I don't know why Halcyon wanted us to fly by Nav 1 where a Fralthi and fighter escort were located, because he told us to just slip by without engaging the enemy. I guess it must have been the fastest route. The starbase was located at Nav 2 and would be heavily protected by Jalthi, Gratha, and Krant - everything strong they could throw at us.

Hunter and I were really scanning the radar display when the mines showed up about 41,000 kilometers from Nav 1. Knowing speed was of the essence, I took a slight chance and kept the setting at 300 KPS instead of the recommended 250. It was a bit Ship: Rapier hairier winding through the mines, but we made it through without any real damage. As soon as we exited the rocks, we went to auto-pilot for our trip to Nav 1.

We dropped out of autopilot and right into the path of four Krant who were already firing. Following Halcyon's orders, I told Hunter to keep formation and just kept kicking the afterburners and making slight turns to slide and evade their guns. Once we were past them, it was just a race to Nav 2 at full afterburners, which we won easily.

I tried to ignore the Gratha and hit the base, but I soon realized how fruitless that would be. No matter what the colonel said, we had to take out the fighters first. Otherwise, we'd never make it back to the carrier.

I told Hunter to attack my target, and locked onto the first Gratha com-ing in from ahead and to the right. I broke left, hit the afterburners again, and turned back to the right to slide into a perfect shot with my neutron guns. I hit the Gratha three times, and I'm sure Hunter scored with a couple of shots as well. We saw debris and closed in for the kill. I took a hit from two of the other Gratha at the same time and my fore and rear shields plummeted. It's running time, I said to myself and spurted away. I was glad I'd locked my first target, because he was already damaged and I wanted to take advantage before he could repair and regenerate.

I ordered a break and attack so Hunter would keep the other ships busy while I finished off the first target. I switched to full guns, hit the afterburners, and slid into position for another shot. This one did the trick, and Hunter yelled that he'd taken out an enemy as well. Only two Gratha and a starbase remained.

We kept to our guns and just kept sliding around and bang-ing the Gratha. Whenever they tried to move away, we hit the afterburners and chased them down.

I moved in on the starbase and launched two Darts as quickly as I could. From the other side of the base, four Salthi showed up with their lasers dancing. It was unbelievable. The starbase was firing lasers and what seemed to be mine-like projectiles and the Salthi's lasers streaked through space in flashes of red. If it wasn't a war, it would have been a beautiful sight.

I ordered a break and attack and turned on the Salthi. They kept trying to lead us away from the base, but we'd chase them as long as we were scoring with the guns, and turn away when they were out of range. Then we'd make another pass on the starbase. Finally, we'd taken out all the light fighters and were concentrating on the base itself. We were really hammering it, but I only had a Spiculum left. I fired our last missile and the starbase still stood. Halcyon said we couldn't destroy it with guns, but that's all I had left. I switched to full guns and used the afterburner slide to hit it hard three times in succession. I noted additional damage and thought the guns just might work after weakening the base with all the missiles.

That's when Hunter called out that four Jalthi were approaching. I told Hunter to attack my target and waited until the last second to start a barrage with the full guns. My blaster power was full and the starbase started to blow in a series of jolting explosions. I never stopped to watch, just set the nav cursor for home and hoped we could outrun the Jalthi. We made it back to the Claw and the Jalthi had abandoned the chase. All right!

Next Section: After the Vega Campaign

Preflight Conversations


Hey, Maverick. You hear about Nifelheim and Tartarus?
Our boys have kicked those damn hairballs out of both systems.
They had footage of the ground battle on Tartarus on the trid.
Man, it was great!
Our marines, marchin' through the streets of the biggest Kilrathi colony...
...linin' the fleabags up and loadin' 'em onto prison ships.
They're goin' to ship 'em back to Kilrah, lock, stock, and barrel.
Me, I'd put 'em to work minin' salt or harvestin' fungus...
...but I don't reckon that'd work out too good.
I'm just happy to see 'em bein' sent out of the Sector... we can have a little peace again!
Pity this damn war's cost us so many good people.

Talk to ANGEL

Ah, Major Blair. Bonjour.
I have heard that the Kilrathi have sent all of their best against us now.
Since Venice is the last contested system in the sector...
...we will face the finest pilots they have left to them.
I have been reading the records of their leading aces...
...but it appears that their best known pilots have all died!


Och, lad, I reckon this fight's just about over.
About bloody time, too, that's what I say!
I spent me entire career fightin' the Kilrathi... dinna ken how much it means to me to be here... that we're about to run their fuzzy tails out of the sector!

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing.Venice System, 13:30 hours, 2654.287.

Peter Halcyon
All right, people, this is the big one.
We've discovered that the enemy base here in the Venice System... the Kilrathi High Command for this entire sector.
We'll be moving in for the final assault on the starbase today.
The Kilrathi will expect us to come in with all of our capital ships.
That means they'll be looking for us in a few hours.
Tactical has determined that if we send in a handful of starfighters...
...we'll be able to hit them before they've gathered around the base.
We'll send several wings to punch through the perimeter to the base.
Here are the assignments for each wing...

The colonel quickly runs through the wings of Black Lion Squadron.

Peter Halcyon
Maverick, you and Hunter will head straight in, along this route...
Computer, display Omega.
Your first objective is the Fralthi-class light cruiser at Nav 1.
She'll have fighter escort as well...
...but you're just to slip past them--don't stick around to dogfight.
Then its on to the Kilrathi base, here at Nav 2.
There will be lots of fighters around the base, but try to ignore them.
You're main objective is to take out that base.

Ian St. John

What are we supposed to take the base out with, anyway, Colonel?
Peter Halcyon
Your missiles. Save them for the base...
...because your ship's guns will be useless against anything that big.
Anyone else?
All right, then. Let's get to work.
Squadron dismissed.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing. 16:45 hours, 2654.287.

Peter Halcyon
Congratulations, men! You just finished the Kilrathi in Vega Sector!
Ian St. John
Oy, Colonel Don't go all misty on me!
Christopher Blair
Thank you, sir. We were very lucky--
Ian St. John
Now, 'old on there, mate I'd say talent 'ad a bit to do with it as well!
Peter Halcyon
No false modesty, Major. You're entitled to be proud of what you've done.
Christopher Blair
I suppose it was pretty impressive, wasn't it, sir?
Peter Halcyon
I'd say so. You're the guest of honor at a little ceremony upstairs!
Ian St. John
At's the spirit, Maverick! Let's go see Shotglass for a little celebration!
Peter Halcyon
Not so fast, there, Hunter...
You two are the guests of honor at a little ceremony upstairs!

Hangar Deck. 17:00 hours, 2654.287.

Peter Halcyon
In consideration of his valorous service to Humanity,
leading the forces of the Confederation against the Empire of Kilrah, taking a decisive role in the Vega Sector Campaign,
and commanding the squadron which accomplished the pivotal victory, in the Venice system,
on or about 2654.287, the Terran Confederation is proud to present the Medal of Valour to Major Blair.
History shall number you among the greatest heroes of Humanity.
Good job, Maverick. Congratulations.
Christopher Blair
Thank you, sir.

Filled with pride, Maverick meets the applause of his fellows.

End Game


Destroying the remains of the Kilrathi naval power in the sector, the Tiger’s Claw closes in for the kill, and the last Kilrathi planet in the sector falls!