Alpha Wing (Goddard System)

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Alpha Wing
Fighter Hornet
Wingmen Ian St. John
Other Friendly Ships 1 Diligent at Nav 2
1 Venture-Class Corvette at Nav 3
Previous Wing Commander
Omega Wing (Venice System)
Next Kappa Wing (Goddard System)

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

Halcyon was frantic. We would launch as soon as the Tiger's Claw reached Goddard Colony. The fate of the colony was unknown, but the Confederation was bringing in supplies in case relief efforts were needed. Hunter and 1, flying Hornets, would make sure the transports reached their destinations.

Mission Profile:

Proceed via Nav 1, engaging all Kilrathi fighters and capital ships. Provide support for the Hickok, a Dilligent-class sport, until she jumps at Nav 2. Rendezvous with the Marciano, a Venture-class corvette, at Nav 3 and escort her back to the carrier.

Mission Chronology:

1. Four Salthi and a Lumbari 18,134 kilometers from Nav 1.
2. Two Salthi in asteroid field 36,740 kilometers from Nav 2.
3. Three Krant attack the Hickok,13,163 kilometers from Nav 2.
4. Three Krant attack the Marciano, 9,000 kilometers from Nav 3.
5. Three Salthi attack the Marciano 31,000 kilometers from Claw.

Post-Mission Analysis:

Our success hinged on meeting the armored Krant near Nav 2 and 3 at full blaster power, with missiles intact, and without internal damage. As a precaution, we avoided the asteroids once we destroyed the Salthi found there. We just headed to the left side and skirted the edge of the rocks.

We went after the 16.6-ton Krant with both of us attacking the same target. Using our speed advantage to gain position, guns and missiles from the rear usually took out our targets. Side attacks with guns and Darts were also effective. We constantly taunted the enemy, but always went after the Kilrathi pilot who still attacked our charge. Afterburners were in use constantly to evade missiles and lasers, and to initiate slides to the left or right.

Preflight Conversations


Well, hiya, Maverick!
Things are happening around here. We've been making a lot of jumps.
A LOT of jumps. You don't have to be an active-duty pilot... realize that something unusual is happening.
Keep your ears open, and let me know what you hear, okay?


Maverick Sit down, have a drink. I was just thinking about a story I'd heard---
---about the Gwenhyvar, an Exeter-class ship that disappeared a few years ago.
Michael Casey
You don't really believe that old fairy tale, do you?
Kien Chen
I don't think it's a fairy tale, Ice.
Christopher Blair
I've never heard this story, Bossman. What happened to the Gwenhyvar?
Kien Chen
Supposedly the Kilrathi captured it intact in dry dock, with all of its fighter complement and some of the crew....
...and they've used it to deceive and destroy other Confederation ships.
No one who's encountered the Gwenhyvar has survived to tell the tale.
Michael Casey
I'll believe it when I see it.

Talk to ICEMAN

Strange things going on.
I was on the bridge a few hours ago.
Tiger's Claw received a coded transmission...
...from High Command. The Colonel read it...
... and ordered non-essentials off the bridge.
Since then, we've been jumping like crazy.
Kien Chen
We'll know what's happening soon enough, Iceman.
Michael Casey
True. Very true.

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing, $T, $D.

Peter Halcyon
Quiet, everyone. We have a lot of ground to cover.
As you may have noticed, the Tiger's Claw has made several jumps today...
...because we've been temporarily ordered out of Vega Sector.
Several hours ago, we received an emergency communication...
... from the Goddard colony in the Deneb sector.
A Kilrathi fleet has attacked the colony, using some kind of new weapon.
Unfortunately, we've lost communications with the colony.
Now we're preparing to jump to Goddard.
Todd Marshall
Sir? Does this mean we don't know what kind of mess we're jumping into?
Peter Halcyon
Right. We don't know the full extent of the Kilrathi fleet...
...and we don't know what's happened to the Goddard colony.
For now, NO ONE is to talk about this to the crew. However, we won't be alone... we're scheduled to make a rendezvous with the Hickok.
She's a Dilligent-class 'sport loaded with emergency relief supplies for the colony.
Also, we rendezvous with the Marciano, a Venture-class corvette.
Mission assignments Alpha Wing will patrol in Hornets...we need you in our fastest ships.
You'll launch immediately when we appear in the Goddard system.
If there are any cats in our vicinity, eliminate them.
Then I want you to go to Nav 1 and scout for any other Kilrathi activity.
Afterwards, proceed to Nav Point 2, where the Hickok is preparing to jump to Goddard...
...and provide support for her if the Kilrathi attack.
Once she's jumped, go to Nav Point 3, where you'll meet with the Marciano.
Escort the corvette back to the Claw, eliminating any threats.
Maverick, you're wingleader, with Hunter as your wingman.

The colonel moves on to the other wing and squad assignments. Your attention snaps back to him as he concludes.

Peter Halcyon
That's all. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for launch.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing -- $T, $D.

Peter Halcyon
Okay. You'll have to launch again in a few minutes, so let's make this quick.
Your report, Maverick.
Christopher Blair
A Lumbari-class tanker was getting ready to jump out at Nav 1. It's history, sir.
And we were able to keep the Kilrathi away from the Hicock. She's headed for the colony now.
At Nav 3, we protected the Marciano from a squadron of Krants.
Peter Halcyon
For the record, your recorder credits you with killing 9, Maverick...
... and Hunter came up with 7.
All right. You have ten minutes, then get back to Briefing.