Nu Wing (Venice System)

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Nu Wing
Date 2654.287
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Ian St. John
Other Friendly Ships 2 Rapiers
Notes Proceed to estimated position of Fralthi-class cruiser.
Previous Epsilon Wing (Venice System)
Next Phi Wing (Venice System)

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

The Tiger's Claw fighter patrols had identified multiple Kilrathi targets in the Venice System. With the assistance of fighters from the carrier Kyoto, we were ordered to engage and destroy specific ships and escorts throughout the system. Nu Wing would rendezvous with Rapiers from the Kyoto and head out in search of a Fralthi. According to Intel reports, Gratha, Salthi, and Krant would protect the 500-meter cruiser.

Immediately following our launch, I called to Hunter. "The Fralthi is the biggest enemy ship we'll ever face," I said, "so try to save the majority of your missiles for her. We're going to hit some tough resistance, but full guns and neutrons should do the job." We rendezvoused with the other Rapiers and set our course for Nav 1. Hunter saw the lights on the radar first and called out. We were 12,000 kilometers from our first nav point, and two Gratha were racing straight toward us. I initiated a break and attack, armed my full guns, and headed left. Hunter pulled up and tried to gain position above the enemy ships. We both hit the afterburners and took them to full power. I tried a slide, but was late and couldn't get my nose around to target either of the ships.

I turned back to the right and fired the burners to come in behind the trailing Gratha. I stayed on his tail and watched the shower of sparks when my full guns blasted him into oblivion. I glanced at the radar to find my next target and noticed that two more ships had joined the attack. Just then, I heard one of the Rapier pilots call out that she had downed her target. The protection was great flying in a four-ship wing.

The odds were in our favor now, four Rapiers against two Gratha, and we put our 130-KPS speed advantage to good use. Using only guns, the enemy ships went down fast. So did the four Salthi that appeared at the first nav point. It doesn't take many shots from a neutron against their weak side armor.

We lost a Rapier to the four-Krant escort for the Fralthi at Nav 2.1 don't know why the pilot just headed straight in, but he never had a chance against the eight combined laser cannons at long range. Maybe his flight recorder will give us some insight later.

Even though we were now only three ships strong, we could rock the Krant at close range. They're carrying lasers, heat-seekers and a Friend-or-Foe missile and can deliver quite a blow at longer ranges, but our neutrons really deliver in tight quarters. That's exactly where we fought them, keeping a finger on the afterburners to shadow and cutting loose with the heavy guns.

I didn't have to tell Hunter to attack my target when I turned toward the Fralthi. In fact, he was ahead of me on the first pass at that target. I couldn't keep track of exactly what the other two Rapiers were doing, but I came in from the rear and fired a Dart and Spiculum on my first pass, a Pilum and Dart on the second, and then switched to the guns. After each attack, I turned away and let my blaster power regenerate, then turned back and held my fire until I reached a distance of 2000 meters. The explosion was incredible.

When we found out why the Rapier pilot from the Kyoto had rushed in on the Krant, we realized we had witnessed one of the most heroic acts in the war. Flight recorder data revealed that a computer system malfunction, not unusual in such a new ship, had taken away his ability to turn, eject or communicate. Knowing that he couldn't fight, he'd sacrificed his life and his ship and just tried to inflict as much damage as possible in a suicide rush at the enemy. We held our own memorial service on the Tiger's Claw for the young pilot.

Preflight Conversations


Hey, Maverick. I hear you ran into Khajja the Fang out there yesterday.
Colonel said you did him in!
Man, that hairball's needed killin' since I was a rookie.
One of the pilots from Killer Bee squadron was in earlier...
...said the Kilrathi'd be sendin' their top aces after us soon.
Thought you might like to know, so you could keep an eye out.


Maverick, have a seat. Lt. Marshall and I were just discussing tactics.
We're likely to be coming up against an increasing number of big ships.
It is important to know how to approach them.
When attempting to destroy a large ship, such as a Fralthi...
...I prefer to attack from the rear.
A large vessel's armor is always weakest around the engines.
Todd Marshall
I hear the Kilrathi build 'em that way on purpose, Boss... make the captains keep their noses pointed toward the enemy!
Chen Kien
I have heard that as well, Lieutenant...
...though I see no reason to believe Kilrathi captains are so cowardly.

Talk to MANIAC

The Bossman here might like to come at a big ship from behind...
...but I like to approach the big ones from the side.
They've got all their missiles to the front...
...and most of their guns to the front and the back.
Chen Kien
True enough.
Todd Marshall
If you come in from the side, you'll have time to get in close...
....then you can really let the sucker have it!

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing. Venice System, 06:00 hours, 2654.287.

Peter Halcyon
After extensive reconnaissance of this section of the Venice System...
...our patrols have located and identified a number of Kilrathi vessels.
In our next several missions, we'll be engaging and destroying these ships.
Our fighters will be working with fighters from the carrier Kyoto...
...which has recently joined us in the Venice System.
Maverick, you're first up with Nu wing.
I'll keep Hunter on your wing for now.
You'll be going after a Fralthi with a couple of the Kyoto's fighters.
Computer, display Nu.
You'll rendezvous with two Rapiers, Foxtrot Wing, from the Kyoto, here.
From this point, you'll proceed to Nav 1...
...skirting the edge of an asteroid field.
Then you'll head on to Nav 2, the last reported position of the Fralthi.
She can't be far from this point, and she's an awfully big bogie.
You shouldn't have any trouble finding her.
Ian St. John
I'd guess a Fralthi'd have a fighter escort, Colonel...
Peter Halcyon
She'll be well-guarded. Tactical says to look for Gratha on wide patrol...
...and either Salthi or Krant flying close escort.
Anyone else?
Chen Kien
Have we gotten a position on the main Kilrathi base in the system, Colonel?
Peter Halcyon
Not yet, Kien, but Tactical's narrowed it down to a few possibilities.
If that's it, then let's get into space.
Squadron dismissed.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing. 09:00 hours, 2654.287.

Peter Halcyon
Nicely done, gentlemen.
Christopher Blair
Thank you, sir. That Fralthi was a tough--
Peter Halcyon
Oh, the Fralthi, that's unimportant compared to what was in your computer.
Tactical started analyzing your log as soon as you arrived and downloaded.
That Fralthi was in direct contact with the Kilrathi starbase...
...and Tactical can use the intelligence you gathered to find it!
They'll have her location pinpointed within the hour!
Ian St. John
Colonel, that's bloody incredible! When do we go take 'er out?
Peter Halcyon
Soon, very soon. For now, though, let's go over your mission report...
Computer credits you with 9 Kilrathi, Maverick..
and Hunter gets 4 to boast about.
That's all. Dismissed.