Novaya Kiev System - Series 4 - Mission 1

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Novaya Kiev System - Series 4 - Mission 1
Fighter A-17 Broadsword
Wingmen Etienne Montclair
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Between Missions: Ghorah Khar - Novaya Kiev Systems
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

Previous LaFong Entry:
Between Missions: Ghorah Khar - Novaya Kiev Systems

The Kilrathi had retreated from Novaya Kiev by the time we arrived, but they'd left a supply depot behind. We wanted to take it out in case they ever returned to the system. Doomsday was my wingman, and we would fly Broadswords. The distance of trip required a refueling stop after we jumped out of the system.

It was smooth sailing all the way through the jump, and when I spotted the Valdez I transmitted my request to stop and take on fuel. It wasn't often that we needed extra fuel supplies.

We ran into a convoy about 49,000 kilometers from the fuel depot. It was four Drakhri escorting two Dorkathi transports. Not knowing what we would run into at the supply depot, we stuck to our guns during the dogfight. The Dorkathi fell to a standard rear attack, although the slower speed of the Broad-sword allowed us to continue firing until we were only 750 meters away from a collision. That short range maximized the explosive power of our mass drivers.

We had the supply depot in sight when three Jalkehi broke and attacked. It was a pretty even fight, since our top speeds are close. The Broadsword is more maneuverable, however, and that brought us success. We stuck to our mass drivers, and made frequent use of our rear and side turret neutrons.

Only the supply depot and a Dorkathi remained. I wanted to take out the transport first, because I didn't want to worry about its flak cannons during a slow torpedo run. Dooms-day and I used up our Pilums, then sent him screaming with our guns.

It took two runs to finish off the supply depot. At 10,000 meters, I locked the target, cut my throttles back to 120 KPS, and kept a straight course. I was at 3500 meters when the torpedo locked and the target indicator started flashing, but I waited until I hit 2500 meters to launch. The first torpedo didn't do the job, but I repeated the approach and then ran away from the spectacular explosion.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing