Etienne Montclair

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Etienne Montclair
Etienne Montclair circa 2655.
Callsign "Doomsday"
Place of birth Hawk Bay, New Zealand, Sol System
Allegiance Terran Confederation / Free Republic of the Landreich
Service/branch Terran Confederation Space Force
Years of service 2653-circa 2680
Rank Lieutenant Colonel (last known)
Awards Terran Confederation Medal of Honor

Etienne "Doomsday" Montclair is a descendant of the Maori, the natives of New Zealand on Earth. He is known to sometimes mutter words in Maori, and also has the traditional markings of a Maori warrior tattooed on his face. Etienne’s callsign is Doomsday: he has a habit of often saying that the war with the Kilrathi would kill him, and has a generally pessimistic (or realistic as he says) view of life. Etienne also has a fondness for over-brewed coffee.

Doomsday has the rare ability to accept even a much younger friend as a commanding officer, although he is seldom-cheerful company.

Doomsday joined the Confederation in 2653. In 2655, Doomsday was a young, inexperienced 2nd lieutenant from the TCS Austin. He temporarily transferred to the TCS Tiger’s Claw with Zachary “Jazz” Colson to replace losses on 2655.278.

On 2655.279, Doomsday and Christopher “Maverick” Blair fly from the Tiger’s Claw to escort a Drayman transport to a jump point in the Anchorage system. They face several wings of Kilrathi fighters, but the transport carrying the Vice-Admiral of the Confederation fleet jumps out on schedule. Later that day, Doomsday and Maverick fly again to defend the Tiger’s Claw from an incoming Kilrathi strike force. Their patrol finds the strike force and they destroy a Snakeir carrier and a Ralari destroyer.

On 2655.293, Doomsday and Maverick launch in Hornets to escort a couple of marine transports to the Tiger’s Claw in the Firekka system. On the same day, they also destroy Kilrathi fighters attempting to capture the marine transport General Powell.

When the Tiger’s Claw is destroyed in the K'tithrak Mang system, Doomsday is among the few survivors. Six months after returning to the Austin, Doomsday is transferred to the TCS Washington to act as the Rapier squadron commander. Doomsday served on the TCS Concordia, with the Space Force rank of captain. He once remarked that the Concordia could launch 80 craft within half an hour.

  • On 2666.099, Doomsday and Maverick launch from the Concordia in Broadswords to destroy a Kilrathi supply depot on the far side of the Novaya Kiev system. They refuel along the way at the TCS Valdez.
  • On 2666.100, Doomsday and Maverick divert from their routine patrol to rescue fellow Concordia pilot Dirk “Stingray” Wright. Before they can reach Stingray, the Concordia cancels their search and rescue mission, reporting that a wing of Drakhri and a Kamekh are already headed for Stingray’s position. Maverick ignores the direct order and they successfully rescue Stingray before returning to the Concordia.
  • On 2666.149, Doomsday and Maverick launch to assist the TCS Hector on a mission to destroy a Fralthra cruiser in the Novaya Kiev system.
  • On 2666.150, Doomsday flies the regular patrol solo while Maverick is diverted to the Talbot system.
  • On 2666.356, Doomsday leads a wing against a Kilrathi strike fleet headed towards the Concordia in the Heaven’s Gate system.
  • On 2667.135, Jason “Bear” Bondarevsky requests that Doomsday be assigned to the TCS Tarawa. Doomsday was previously on Research and Development duty, and the transfer earned him another stripe.
  • On his last Rest and Recreation session before his assignment to the Tarawa, Doomsday meets a girl named Gloria. Quote: “Gloria with the glorious…”
  • On 2667.160, during the raid on Vukar Tag, Doomsday and Bear both feel that Kevin Tolwyn could be a great pilot, but was a spoiled brat who had to be “taught the ropes”.
  • On 2667.168, during Operation Back Lash, Captain O’Brian of the Tarawa sends Doomsday out to lead a strike, contrary to plans previously made with Bear.
  • On 2667.175, Bear promotes Doomsday to Wing Commander – Doomsday had previously been commander of the Sabre squadron. After the Tarawa’s return from the daring Raid on Kilrah, Doomsday’s promotion is made permanent.
  • On 2668.228, during the false armistice with the Kilrathi, Doomsday retires from the Confederation with eight campaign ribbons, a Medal of Honor, two Silver Stars, “half a dozen fighters shot from under him” and “over 60” kills. Bear remarks in the Vacuum Breathers Bar that Doomsday is “the luckiest pilot in the fleet and the most depressing”.
  • On 2668.229, Kevin Tolwyn asks Bear, Doomsday and Ian “Hunter” St John to join him at Geoffrey Tolwyn’s personal estate on Earth. Kevin once saved Doomsday’s life. From Earth orbit, they take a shuttle to London, and then a Zephyr shuttle to the estate at Windward, Scotland.
  • On 2668.356, Doomsday and James “Paladin” Taggart flew in Sabres in the Battle of Hellhole.
  • On 2670.298, Doomsday was appointed squadron commander of the Free Republic of Landreich Ship FRLS Independence, under the command of wing commander Kevin Tolwyn. Doomsday had flown with the Landreich before the Battle of Earth.
  • On 2670.313, Doomsday was the squadron commander of the FRLS Intrepid’s Raptor squadron, the Crazy Eights.