Kilrathi Supply Depot 2

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Supply Depot 2
Type Supply Depot
Primary user Kilrathi Empire

Another version of a Kilrathi supply depot. This version was more commonly seen in the 2660s as it replaced the previous aging design. They are armed with two Flak Cannons and fifty-five fighters making them well-defended against potential attackers.


Class: Supply Depot
Length: 806.3 meters
Mass: 40,000 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: n/a kps
Cruise Velocity: n/a kps
Acceleration: n/a
Max Y/P/R: 1/1/1 dps
Fore Shield: Phase Shields
Aft Shield: Phase Shields
Front Armor: 400 cm
Right Armor: 300 cm
Left Armor: 300 cm
Rear Armor: 400 cm
Guns: Flak Cannons (2)
Fighter Complement: 55