Ghorah Khar System - Series 3 - Mission 4

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Ghorah Khar System - Series 3 - Mission 4
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Ralgha nar Hhallas
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The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

We hadn't been on the space station for an hour when the launch klaxon sounded. Olympus Station was under attack and all fighter wings would launch immediately. Since our ships were still warm, Hobbes and I blasted-off first and ran right into five Drakhri.

We only held a 50-KPS speed advantage, but we knew the Drakhri didn't carry rear turrets so we used our afterburners and just tried to gain a position on their rear. From there, we could launch our javelins, and switch between particle cannons and lasers based on our distance from the target. It looked crazy on the radar screen, with ships changing position and lights flickering as we traded insults.

We'd taken down three when I noticed one Drakhri that was circling the station slowly and picking a position for his next dumb-fire missile. I targeted that ship, told Hobbes to attack my target, and raced in for the kill. We came at him from different approaches, but the pilot was so intent on his purpose that he never flinched. Not right away, anyway. It was the big flinch when our combined full guns sent him into the next dimension. With two Rapiers dogfighting a single Drakhri, the last Kilrathi didn't fly much longer.

I thought we'd finished the job, but four Jalkehi joined the attack. When I saw them launch missiles, I swept in front of the station, dropped a chaff pod, and zipped away. Then I switched to full guns, hit the after-burners, and started a new series of taunts. I was running out of nasty things to say, but apparently I'd said enough because three of them headed my way. That was too many.

If the Kilrathi had designed the Jalkehi with some maneuverability, it would have been more formidable, but we could sweep in, fire our full guns, and dance away before they had a chance to react.

The station survived the attack, and we headed back to the Concordia.

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