Mission M: Cover Hugo's Butt

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Mission M: Cover Hugo's Butt
Date 2790
Type Combat
Objectives Carmichael can't die in this mission - he'll bug out before the going gets tough (as soon as you hit your second nav point, in fact).
All you have to do is take out the nine Kindred so you can jump to your next nav point and continue to Hephaestus.
Failure You can only fail this mission by dying.
Previous Mission L: Meet Hugo
Next Mission N: Galactic Gourmet

Mission Layout

  • Bex
    • 1 Danrik (P) (SK 5) ("HUGO CARMICHAEL")

Official Guide

Who and Where

Take off from Bex. Carmichael has already left the planet.

Cycle through your targets until you find Carmichael's ship. (Press A to cycle through targets; look in the Target VDW for a Duress named "Huugo Carmichael.") Send him a "Let's get going" comm signal to get him started.

You are attacked halfway between Bex and Hephaestus, at Nav 8.


  • The easiest way to win this mission is to take a Nuke'em. Carmichael bugs out as soon as you hit the difficult nav point, so you can use a Nuke 'em without blowing him up, too. This is about the only way to win the mission if you're flying a weak ship (i.e., something with light shields and armor).
  • If you can't afford a Nuke 'em, take Proximity missiles or Pythons, and make sure you have at least Flux Cannon Mk II guns. Take whatever modules you normally fly with.
  • If you have Nuke 'ems - target one of the fighters as soon as you enter the jump. Swing around so you have your target in the center of your screen and press Alt S to drop a Nuke 'em. The fighters in this mission fly in a pretty tight formation, so one Nuke 'em should take out almost all of them.
  • If you don't have a Nuke 'em - notice the fighters are flying in a straight-line formation. Pass up this line, and get behind the last ship. Pound away at them one at a time, working your way up the line.

Next Step

Go to the Galactic Gourmet Hotel on Hephaestus.


Rendezvous with Hugo Carmichael in orbit around Bex. Escort him to Hephaestus



This is getting way too hot. You're the hot shot pilot, you deal with these guys. If you live, I'll be on Hephaestus at the Galactic Gourmet.

I'm out of here.....