Mission L: Meet Hugo

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Mission L: Meet Hugo
Date 2790
Type Cinematic
Previous Mission K: Blessed Aquawine
Next Mission M: Cover Hugo's Butt

Official Guide

Who and Where

You have to look up Hugo Carmichael in the Public Records in order to transfer his address into your PAD. Once you've done this, you can land on Bex nd use the transit (which just happens to be a Zeppelin on this planet) to head to Carmichael's house.

Key Information

Hugo is packing, and obviously in a hurry to get to Hephaestus. He drops a few tantalizing bits of information - like the fact that "Malakai" was a code name for Larn Regis (whoever that is), and that Larn died in the crash of the Canera on Crius. But he inists you play wingman for him on his trip to Hephaestus before he gives you more details. He'll meet you at the Galactic Gourmet Hotel once you reach the planet.

Next Step

Play wingman. Update your loadout, get to your ship and take off.


Hugo Carmichael lives on Bex, might as well pay him a visit.