Mission N: Galactic Gourmet

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Mission N: Galactic Gourmet
Date 2790
Type Cinematic
Previous Mission M: Cover Hugo's Butt
Next Mission O: Code Breaker

Official Guide

Who and Where

Transit from Hephaestus customs to the Galactic Gourmet. Click on the hotel manager, who will direct you to Hugo's room.

Key Information

Actually, this isn't really much of a conversation - Hugo's dead, the guy that shot him takes a pop at you, and before you guys really get a chance to talk, you shoot him. You discover a capsule (a large chrome cylinder reminiscent of a coffee thermos) clenched in the assassin's fist, however, and decide that this must be important.

Next Step

Figure out what this capsule contains and how to use it.

The PAD message you get - This capsule contains a memory solid and needs careful decoding to open it - isn't very helpful. Sounds like you need a code breaker. Now, who do you know that might have some contacts among computer hacks? Someone with slightly seedy connections ..... Hmm, maybe Joe the bartender knows someone.


Hugo is at the Galactic Gourmet on Hephaestus.


I'll follow this guy to Hephaestus. He seems to know something.