Vendetta Light Fighter KN1b

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Type Light Fighter
Primary User Kindred
General Characteristics
Crew 1 (pilot)
Maximum Yaw 90 dps
Maximum Pitch 90 dps
Maximum Roll 90 dps
Acceleration 64 k/s2
Maximum 380 kps
Maximum Afterburner 760 kps
Flux Beam Mk. II (3)
Default Missile Loadout
Snipe (1)
[Difficulty 3]
Brute Mk. II (1)
[Difficulty 3]
Python (1)
[Difficulty 5]
Disrupter (1)
[Difficulty 7]
High Explosive Mine (10)
[Difficulty 3]
Signal Filter (1)
[Difficulty 7]
Shield Enhancer Mk. III (1)
[Difficulty 5]
Decoys Decoy Mk. II (10)
Fore 137.5 cm equivalent
Aft 137.5 cm equivalent
Right 137.5 cm equivalent
Left 137.5 cm equivalent
Front 175 cm
Rear 175 cm
Right 175 cm
Left 175 cm
Vendetta in Kindred colors, Tri-System circa 2790.

The Vendetta is the primary light fighter of the Kindred. They are often used to escort the heavier, more valuable Blade-class fighters during Kindred operations. Because the Kindred does not field a medium fighter of any sort, Vendetta are often used in roles that traditionally require a higher classification of ship. Because of the threat now faced by the Kindred, the military offers a double bounty for destroying Vendettas.

Although relatively fast and manouvreable, its large profile is a vulnerability.

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2: The Darkening

The Vendetta is the only ship in this game that you can easily outshoot. If you have more than one gun, you can take one out by flying straight at it and firing non-stop. If you have any firepower to speak of (and decent aim), it should crumple before you.