T'lan Meth

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T'lan Meth
Sector Kilrah Sector
Quadrant Kur'u-Pak Quadrant
Locations E'loy, Dula 7 Star Base
Jump Links K'hrissak, K'ssak, Gmar, K'n'Bren, Hhrass, K'n'Khur, Freya

T'lan Meth is a star system in the Kilrah Sector and a territory of the former Kilrathi Empire. It was home to the Kilrathi colony of E'loy.

In 2681, T'lan Meth was one of many Kilrathi star systems to fall to the onslaught of the "Nephilim", an insectoid race from the galactic core. They laid siege to E'loy in an attempt to exterminate the Kilrathi there, severing their communications by means of a jamming ship located in a remote asteroid field. The TCS Midway arrived and agreed to lend assistance to the besieged Kilrathi, assaulting both the jammer vessel and those vessels blockading the planet. During the siege, the Midway sent a Confederation marine force to liberate the Kilrathi Dula 7 Star Base that the Nephilim had captured for their own use, as a command center for all Nephilim forces in the star system. In addition to this, the Confederation sent an SWACS vessel to screen the star system, in the hopes of determining the exact strength of the Nephilim fleet. These endeavors were a success and the Midway continued its mission in the system.

During the fighting, the Midway worked in conjunction with the local Kilrathi clans to contain the Nephilim attackers, including members of the notorious Cult of Sivar, an anti-Terran faction. This displeased a number of Confederation pilots, some of whom fired upon the Kilrathi pilots during combat with the Nephilim.

The siege of E'loy eventually ended after the joint Terran-Kilrathi force successfully routed the Nephilim invaders.