Sit-'n-Kick (card)

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WCTCG Maneuver Sit-'n-Kick.png
Rarity Common
Equivalent Lie in Wait

Sit-'n-Kick is a Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game card.

Card Data

Card Type Maneuver
Card Rating 1 Maneuver Point
Side Indicator Terran
Artist Credit Barclay Shaw
Card Title Sit-'n-Kick
Attack Value +1
Defense Value -1

WCCIC Review

Sit-'n-kick looks simple and at the core, it is, but let's look at using it first.
There is no text on the card really and it's cheap. You have to balance this one in your head. You can play this on virtually anything. So if you think you want to use the card, you know you want the +1 Attack. What you have to consider is if the +1 Attack is worth the -1 Defense. There are a few cases where it might be an acceptable risk. For example, you need just one more attack point in a fighter with low maneuverability to destroy an opposing fighter. If your Defenses have been bolstered or are naturally high, the enemy's attack is weak or you don't care about losing your fighter, then it might be okay to use this card.
I tend to shy away from cards with negative modifiers on them. In a default Longbow, you could use the +1 Attack, but you don't have a very high Defense to begin with, and Bombers can be important. Sit-'n-Kick is the last- ditch +1 Attack. If you had your way, a better solution would be to increase the maneuverability by 1 and then use something like a Tight Loop (Attack +1).
Okay, back to the simplistic point I mentioned in the beginning. There really is no reason you'd use this card. Roll has a Card Rating of 1 and its only Stat Modifier is Attack +1. All the benefits of Sit-'n-Kick with none of the drawbacks.
Rating : 1.0