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Is there any confirmation on the "F-86" designation? I thought this was fan speculation.

It is fan speculation. Removing from article title.

- Dundradal

Is the Hellcat really the successor to the Rapier II? I can't recall if we see Hellcats in the Academy TV series or not, but either way, I was under the impression that the background history for the Hellcat states that it is actually quite an old fighter by the time of WC3. The Rapier II was brand new as of WC1, if the Hellcat was present during Academy, it certainly shouldn't be described as its successor. - Wedge009

My bad. It was something I remembered reading long ago. I'm gonna cut that.

- Aeronautico - Hellcat Designation F-42 under the Dralthi entry

I think this bit of information definitely needs to be in the article since it is easily overlooked and potentially very useful for fan projects. Of course the designation should be listed in a separate section to denote it as unofficial (at this time).

- Iceblade

Hmm, for some reason, the WC3's manual's weapon loadouts were wrong for this fighter. (somehow, this had also been transferred onto the WC4 version, which DOES have a correct loadout in the manual.) I've left the WC3 manual loadout in a seperate column, and fixed the actual loadouts for the ships. (It seems like the makers of WC3 had copy pasted the Arrow's loadout for the manuals.)

- CMDBob