Gwynedd System - Series 1 - Mission 2

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Gwynedd System - Series 1 - Mission 2
Fighter Ferret
Wingmen Elizabeth Norwood
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

Shadow, who was a TCSN reservist, was a wreck after our last mission. According to regs, she wasn't supposed to fly in combat. Sometimes, however, it isn‘t planned. The enemy just appears. On our next mission, she knew a dogfight was in the cards.

I was on communications duty when a Mayday came in from the TCS Concordia. Her escort had been destroyed, her launch bays damaged, and enemy fighters were moving in for the kill.

Shadow and I raced to the flight deck, jumped into our Ferrets, and were catapulted into space. We set course for the Concordia, went to full speed, and engaged autopilot for our run to the Confederation-class carrier.

We found two Sartha when we were 19,620 kilometers away from the carrier. I signaled a break and attack, waited to see which way Shadow would turn, then took a path from the opposite side and hit the afterburners.

I almost wiped out in a collision when I miscalculated my speed and came in for a side attack on the trailing Sartha. It was close, but I recovered with a hard brake and turn that brought me into a trailing position. I went to full speed, hit the afterburners and took out the enemy fighter with two shots from the mass drivers right up her engine compartments. I couldn't see Shadow's maneuvers, but she scored as well. We headed for the carrier.

Two more Sartha were hitting the Concordia hard with their neutrons. I wanted to engage them before they launched a dumb-fire missile, so I transmitted taunts and they re-sponded. The Concordia hit one with her phase-transit cannon, then Shadow and I had an easy job taking care of the last Sartha with our guns.

We were ordered to land on the carrier, and I couldn't believe it when Colonel Jeanette ("Angel") Devereaux, commander of the carrier's fighter wing, met us for the debriefing. We had flown many missions together on the Tiger's Claw.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing