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Sector Kilrah Sector
Quadrant Kur'u Caxki Quadrant
Jump Links G'wriss, Dhollas, K'za T'qal, Kher-za, Nephele

H'rekkah is a star system in the Kilrah Sector and a territory of the former Kilrathi Empire.

H'rekkah is a former territory of the Kilrathi Empire, and is now governed by the Kilrathi Assembly of Clans. It was largely ignored for the duration of the Terran-Kilrathi War, due to its remoteness from Terran airspace.

In 2681, the newly-commissioned TCS Midway, the first of the Midway-Class Heavy Carriers, was on its shakedown cruise in H'rekkah, conducting combat trials and accepting fresh recruits from the Academy. Commodore Christopher Blair, one of the vessel's designers, personally oversaw the final preparations of the carrier.

During this mission, however, the Midway received a distress call from a Kilrathi convoy in H'rekkah, saying they were under attack by unidentified assailants. A Terran marine force was sent in with numerous escorts to investigate a signal from a Fralthi II-Class Cruiser, which was destroyed in the attack. To the horror of the Terrans, the crew had been massacred and dissected by an unknown alien force, which then assaulted the Terran forces. The Terrans fought off the ambush and managed to return to the Midway.

Heightened to red alert status, the Midway moved in to contain the alien presence in the system. After several skirmishes, Intel discovered that the enemy force was closing in on the Midway, and was guarding the route to the Nephele jump point. Also, contact was lost with High Command. The Midway was left with no choice but to fight off the enemy as it retreated to the jump point. The Terrans fought a successful holding action and the Midway was able to escape the H'rekkah System, which was swiftly conquered by the aliens.

The alien race that invaded H'rekkah was later dubbed the "Nephilim", an insectoid race whose arrival was prophesied by the Kilrathi in a prediction known as "Kn'thrak".