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Sector Kilrah Sector
Quadrant Kur'u Pak Quadrant
Jump Links H'rissth, T'lan Meth, K'sthak

G'mar is a star system in the Kilrah sector and a territory of the former Kilrathi Empire. Its alternative name is "Gmar".

G'mar was largely ignored in the Terran-Kilrathi War due to its remoteness from Confederation territory. However, in 2681, it was among the many Kilrathi star systems to fall to the Nephilim, who sought to conquer the known galaxy. By the time the Terran Confederation sent a fleet to intervene, the system was thoroughly conquered.

The TCS Midway arrived at G'mar during its attempt to evade the Nephilim invaders. It destroyed a Nephilim communications base with the help of pilots from the TCS Eisen, a Vesuvius-class carrier. It then identified a Nephilim starship suspected of being some kind of ship killer, similar to the vessel that demolished the Kilrathi fleet at H'rekkah. The Midway and her pilots were successful in destroying the vessel before departing from the system.