Freij MK II Prototype Fighter ML6a

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Freij Mk II
Type Civilian Heavy Fighter
Model ML6A
Primary User Civilians
Introduction 2790
General Characteristics
Crew 2 (Pilot & Passenger)
Cost c200,000
Maximum Yaw 95 dps
Maximum Pitch 95 dps
Maximum Roll 95 dps
Acceleration 72 k/s2
Maximum 440 kps
Maximum Afterburner 880 kps
Kraven Mk. IV (5)
Mounts 5
Default Missile Loadout

Mounts 7
Shield Enhancer Mk. II
Signal Filter
Binary Signal Emitter Mk. II
Mounts 7
Decoys Decoy Mk. II (10)
Fore 325 cm equivalent
Aft 325 cm equivalent
Right 325 cm equivalent
Left 325 cm equivalent
Front 275 cm
Rear 275 cm
Right 275 cm
Left 275 cm
Freij Mk II in standard colors.
Source Privateer 2: The Darkening

The Freij MK II is an upgraded version of the Freij design, and is arguably the most capable civilian fighter marketed in the Tri-System. It is a development, by Ares Systems, of the Freij.

However, during the planning and construction of this ship, a small mix-up seem to have occurred, as the inner and outer weapon slots are reversed between the layout in the planetary weapon loadout menu and the actual position of the guns. Every pilot should consider this when installing guns, as it's better to have the long -range weapons nearer to the center fuselage in space, due to the higher accuracy on high distances. Because of that, the long range weapons should be mounted on the outer slots, and short range weapons on the inner slots, for the highest efficiency.

The Freij MK II was first unveiled in Aeronaut magazine in 2790, in an article by editor Niff Tiddell.