Freij Heavy Fighter ML06

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Type Civilian Heavy Fighter
Model ML06
Primary User Civilians
Additional Users Tri-System League of Hunters
Introduction 2785
General Characteristics
Crew 2 (Pilot & Passenger)
Cost c160,000
Maximum Yaw 75 dps
Maximum Pitch 75 dps
Maximum Roll 75 dps
Acceleration 66 k/s2
Maximum 400 kps
Maximum Afterburner 720 kps
Flux Beam Mk. II (4)
Mounts 4
Default Missile Loadout

Mounts 7
Signal Filter

Binary Signal Emitter

Mounts 7
Decoys Decoy Mk. II (10)
Fore 250 cm equivalent
Aft 250 cm equivalent
Right 250 cm equivalent
Left 250 cm equivalent
Front 187.5 cm
Rear 187.5 cm
Right 187.5 cm
Left 187.5 cm
Source Privateer 2: The Darkening

The Freij is a high-end heavy fighter available on the private market in the Tri-System. The design was followed by the Freij MK II, a superior fighter design.

One of the Tri-System's best-known pilots, Clevis "Guts" Nugget, flies a Freij. Political and business figures often fly Freij as well, seeing them as a status symbol: Xavier Shondi and Arl Shoeyer both use Freijes as their personal transports. In 2790 a wealthy Freij pilot was disabled in a Papagod attack, and rescued thanks to the coordination of Military Emergency Control. The Freij is also decidedly the ship of choice of the Tri-System League of Hunters: five of their pilots, Brad Stroker, Simon Charger, Sken Calvuchi, Bullman Korder and Nudger Carlson, are Freij pilots. Pirate organizations fly the fighters on occasion, too - Papagod Freij pilots once joined in a coordinated attack on the CIS Kaitlin.

The Freij entered service before 2785. A notable Freij is U130_016F (2785), whose license was revoked until trial in 2790.