Epsilon Wing (Enyo System)

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Epsilon Wing
Date 2654.111
Fighter Hornet
Wingmen Mariko Tanaka
Other Friendly Ships Drayman
Medal Bronze Star (52)
Objectives Proceed to Nav Point 1 (2)

Proceed to Nav Point 2 (2)
Defend transport as it prepares for jump (5)

Victory Points 5/9
Notes Proceed to Nav Point 1

Proceed to Nav Point 2
Defend transport as it prepares for jump
Return to Tiger's Claw at best speed

Previous Alpha Wing (Enyo System)
Next Beta Wing (McAuliffe System) (Win Series)
Delta Wing (Gateway System) (Lose Series)

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

After assigning various patrol routes to the other wings, Halcyon ordered Spirit and me to escort a Drayman to a jump point at Nav 2 and hang around until the jump was completed. Since the less maneuverable ship would have trouble negotiating the asteroids near Nav 2, we were to fly to Nav 1 before altering course to the jump point. I’d pulled escort duty previously while flying on the Formidable, but those missions were a piece of cake compared with what I knew faced us in the Enyo System.

After launch, I set my speed to 100 KPS to match the cruise velocity of the freighter and took position directly before the 96-meter transport. All three ships shifted to autopilot and hoped for a scenic cruise to Nav 1. It was wishful thinking.

Spirit noticed the two Salthi approaching from the front and left of our position when we were still 10,000 kilometers from our first Nav point. I knew she wanted to engage, but I ordered her to keep formation until I could see whether they launched an attack on our vulnerable companion.

Seconds later the first dumb-fire missile headed our way and I radioed Spirit to “attack my target.” Pushing the throttle to 250 KPS, I put the sights on the lead Salthi and let loose with lasers as soon as the light fighter came into range. After a quick exchange of fire, he turned away and started to run. I knew his strategy was meant to lead me away from the Drayman, but I remembered Halcyon’s warning and turned back toward the slow-moving freighter. Sure enough, the second Salthi was boring in. Spirit launched a heat-seeking Javelin and the lightly armored enemy scampered away. We were safe for now.

After ordering Spirit to form on my wing, we cut our speed and resumed our escort position behind the Drayman. The flight to Nav 1 was, luckily, uneventful.

We altered course and headed straight for Nav 2 using autopilot. Once again, our routine was interrupted when Spirit discovered three Dralthi racing our way. I told her to break and attack, and hoped she would keep her wits and stay close to the large ship we were protecting.

The Dralthi were on us quickly, but they used exactly the tactic that Knight had told me about in the Claw`s bar. Their attack was characterized by an initial rush followed by a loop either up or down. Then they would rush away and loop again before they began another frontal offensive. Their predictability made our job easy.

In the adrenalin rush, I forgot to increase my speed, but using direction changes and afterburners, I avoided the initial onslaught. When they made their looping retreat, I hit the afterburners and stayed on their tails and rapidly fired the laser cannon. I was right on top of them when they made the second loop, and since I knew they would move up or down, I could easily lead them into a barrage. I took out all three and never used a dumb-fire or heat-seeking missile. That saved the Confederation a few bucks.

Arriving at Nav 2 after our confrontation, I reduced speed to 20 KPS and waited for the accompanying flash that signaled that the Drayman had accomplished her jump. The grey blip disappeared from the radar screen and I headed for home. The asteroids that had necessitated our route through Nav 1 with the Drayman weren’t a problem for the highly maneuverable Hornets, and Spirit and I made it to the Tiger’s Claw with little, if any, damage.

After the debriefing, Colonel Halcyon ordered me to his office. He accompanied me to the flight deck where my fellow pilots stood in formation. I can't describe the pride I felt when the colonel awarded me a Bronze Star, but it was overshadowed by the applause from my peers and the knowledge that I was finally accepted as a member of the crew.

The bar was crowded and I was ready for a few laughs with the gang, but no one acknowledge my presence. I wondered whether I should have showered before I arrived, and headed to a seat the far end. Shotglass didn’t even ask what I wanted.

They let me stew for about five minutes, then the bar suddenly erupted with howls and shrieks. Shotglass came over with the champagne and Iceman led the toast. Whew!

Preflight Conversations


Hear you flew with Spirit yesterday, Maverick.
Spirit's Alive Spirit's Dead

She's a quiet little thing, but she's a heckuva flier. She's rock-steady, follows orders, don't fire till she's sure of her shot. I was always glad to have Spirit on my wing when I was still flying.

Damn shame she didn't make it back.
Don't take it personal, kid. Spirit was a good flier, and she knew the risks.
Still, I wish I had my hands on the fleabag that got her!

Talk to HUNTER

You're Maverick, right? They call me Hunter, mate. G'day.
Spirit 'ere was tellin' me about your tumble with the hairballs.
Sounds like you really mixed it up out there.
'At's the way, isn't it, mate?
Just you and some hairball, twistin' about, tryin' t'get a missile lock...
Formations, uniforms, medals, wingmen ... that's all sheepdip.
All a bruce can count on out there is 'imself and 'is missiles.

Talk to SPIRIT

Konichi-wa, Maverick-san. Please take a seat.
If I may say so, you are doing quite well.
First Mission Success First Mission Failure

Colonel-sama is most pleased with your performance thus far. There was no need to praise me before him, though, honorable 2ND LT. The credit for a mission's success is due its leader, not his assistants.

I see by your expression that you do not believe me.

I assure you I speak what is in my heart.

First Mission Success First Mission Failure
We both survived to challenge our enemies another day.
No mission from which you return is a total failure. Remember that.
Our race needs live pilots far more than it needs dead heroes.

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing, Enyo System, UNKNOWN hours, 2654.111. Forty minutes into the briefing...

Spirit's Alive Spirit's Dead

Peter Halcyon

Epsilon Wing is Maverick and Spirit.

Peter Halcyon

Epsilon Wing is you, Maverick. We're short on manpower, so you'll be flying solo.

Peter Halcyon
You'll be escorting a Drayman-class transport to its jumppoint.
Computer, display Epsilon.
Let's take a look at your flight plan.
You'll rendezvous with the transport upon launch.
Escort it to Nav Point 1...
...and on to Nav 2, where it will initiate jump sequence.
Once its jumped out, you'll return by the most direct route.
Remember...your job is to make sure that transport jumps out.
I don't want you leaving her to chase down bogies.
If the enemy retreats, you stay with the transport.
Spirit's Alive Spirit's Dead

Mariko Tanaka

Yes, sir. Why is Nav 1 so far out of the way?

Christopher Blair

Yes, sir. Why is Nav 1 so far out of the way?

Peter Halcyon
There's an asteroid field between the Tiger's Claw and the jumppoint.
A fighter might navigate it, but a Drayman 'sport would never make it through.
Anything else?
All right, then. Let's get to work.
Squadron dismissed.

Mission Debriefing

Mission debriefing. UNKNOWN hours, 2654.111.

Drayman Survived Drayman Destroyed

Peter Halcyon
Good job out there, Maverick.

Peter Halcyon

Pretty hectic out there, eh?

Christopher Blair
Yes, sir. It got pretty busy.

Solo Wingman Alive Wingman Killed Wingman Survives / Killed

Peter Halcyon

At least the 'sport jumped out intact. If it hadn't, you'd have been headed for the infantry on the next 'sport out.

Christopher Blair

Thank you, sir, but Spirit deserves as much credit as I do.

Mariko Tanaka

Maverick-san is too kind, sir. I only flew on his wing.

Christopher Blair

Thank you, sir. I'm sorry about Spirit.

Peter Halcyon

I know, son. Spirit was a good pilot, and a loyal friend.
But the transport jumped out on schedule, so her death was not for nothing.

Peter Halcyon

I don't know if you were hot-dogging or asleep at the stick...
...but you better make sure it never happens again!

Peter Halcyon
At any rate, that was some nice flying.
Well, let's review the mission report.

Your Kills Zero Kills
Peter Halcyon
Maverick, you took out $K Kilrathi...
Peter Halcyon
Maverick, you came up empty...
Spirit's Kills Spirit strikes out
Peter Halcyon
and Spirit got $L of them.
Peter Halcyon
and Spirit struck out.
Drayman Jumps Drayman Destroyed
Peter Halcyon
The Drayman 'sport made its jump on schedule.
Peter Halcyon
We lost the Drayman.
Spirit Survives / Solo Spirit Dies
Peter Halcyon
And of course, Spirit didn't make it back.
Award / Transfer
Peter Halcyon
And Maverick ... I want to see you in my office in a couple of hours.
Peter Halcyon
That's all, then. Dismissed.

Win / Lose Series

Series Success 

Colonel Halcyon's office. 1650 hours, 2654.111.

Peter Halcyon
Blair. Come in. I need to speak with you.
Christopher Blair
Yes, sir?
Peter Halcyon
We'll be leaving Enyo soon, and I need to make some personnel changes.
Effective immediately following the jump, you'll be reassigned.
I want you in a Scimitar-class medium fighter, with Blue Devil Squadron.
Christopher Blair
Yes, sir. You won't be sorry.
Peter Halcyon
Good. I'm glad to hear it.
That's all, then, 2ND LT. Dismissed.
Awarded Bronze Star (52 Points)

Hangar deck. 1700 hours, 2654.111.

Peter Halcyon
For meritorious conduct in confronting the Kilrathi enemy...
in the Enyo System, on or about 2654.111,
the Terran Confederation is proud to present the Bronze Star to 2ND LT Blair.
Your courage is exemplary of the Confederation's finest defenders.
Good job, Maverick. Congratulations.
Christopher Blair
Thank you, sir.
Filled with pride, you meet the applause of your fellows.

Win Series - Next Mission Beta Wing (McAuliffe System)

Lose Series - Next Mission Delta Wing (Gateway System)