Blue Devil Squadron

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"Blue Devils"
Branch Terran Confederation Space Force
Parent Formation 88th Fighter Wing (2654)
Type Fighter Squadron
Motto Hostis Toruendus
(Latin: Savaging Enemy)
Service Terran-Kilrathi War

The Blue Devil Squadron was based on the TCS Tiger's Claw, flying medium fighters. As of 2654.111, the squadron flew Scimitar-class medium fighters. Christopher Blair, James Taggart, and Joseph Khumalo spent time in this squadron during 2654. During their time in the Blue Devils, Blair and Taggart were responsible for several Confederation victories, including the destruction of a Ralari-class destroyer.

As of 2669, the Blue Devils were equipped with Arrow fighters.

Behind the Screens

In some versions of the game, the Blue Devils were renamed to Blue Angels.