Epsilon Wing (Dakota System)

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Epsilon Wing
Date 2654.139.1320
Fighter Raptor
Wingmen Joseph Khumalo
Medal Gold Star
Objectives Intercept enemy Dorkir near Nav 1.

Intercept enemy transports near Nav 2.
Proceed to Nav 2.
Return to Tiger's Claw

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Next Theta Wing (Kurasawa System) (Win Series)
Gamma Wing (Rostov System) (Lose Series)

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

Colonel Halcyon was all business at the mission briefing. An enormous Kilrathi convoy was moving into attack range, and we were immediately launching 20 fighter wings to head them off. The orders were simple: seek and destroy.

Knight and I were Epsilon Wing, and were ordered to hit Kilrathi sports at two different jump points. The kicker was that Bakhtosh Redclaw, the deadliest shot in the Kilrathi Navy, was known to be leading the escort fighters in the convoy. One of the wings was sure to run into him. I hoped it wouldn't be us, but had a funny feeling as we hit autopilot and headed for the Dorkir.

Knight was a little too talkative for my mood, so I told him to maintain radio silence. I jumped when the enemy appeared on the radar screen. The Dorkir was there, with a substantial escort of fighters. Autotargeting indicated that all the fighters were Krant, and there were six of them - more than I had ever engaged in a single dogfight before.

I called break and attack and kept one finger on the afterburner fire button. I maxed out the throttles and headed to the right of the first fighter wing. I knew that sliding maneuvers using full afterburners and a turn to one side would be our only chance against such a large force. We had to avoid incoming fire and inflict heavy damage quickly.

After one of the longest dogfights I had ever fought, we had taken out the six Krant without firing any missiles. Our strategy was simple. Whenever we saw incoming gunfire, we punched the afterburners and started a slide. We never fired at long range, trying to keep our blaster power up, but fired the neutrons and full guns only when we had a sure target. Our patience paid off, since the Dorkir was a sitting duck for our combined missiles and guns. It was probably a moot point, but I ordered Knight to attack my target and rolled in on the rear of the Dorkir for my standard attack.

We were feeling good. I never thought we could take on such a large force and get away without internal damage, but we had. It was a good thing it worked out that way. Bakhtosh was next.

"I'll blast you into an early grave in the black void of space," RedClaw transmitted, and immediately fired the lasers from his six gun ports. We were almost to Nav 1 by n ow, and Bakhtosh and another Jalthi pilot were protecting the freighter.

I rolled right to present a minimum profile, yanked the stick right, and hit the afterburners. The Raptor's shields couldn't handle a frontal assault from the Jalthi guns, so I wanted out of there. One of his lasers connected before I completed the maneuver and my front shields were weakened. I targeted RedClaw, locked on, and ordered Knight to attack him as well. I wanted all our guns to stay on RedClaw and prevent him from performing repairs or regenerating shields when we did score.

Bakhtosh headed away from the Dorkir and we were hot on his tail. The second Jalthi was approaching from the right, so I hit the afterburners again and turned quickly left and right to setup evasive slides while still staying on RedClaw's rear. We kept jockeying for position, with RedClaw trying to keep his distance and take advantage of his firepower, and us trying to stay close and use our speed advantage when he turned to run. Knight's missiles weakened his shields and I ordered a break and attack so my wingman could head for the other target. I thought I could handle the rest of RedClaw myself.

I was mirroring every move RedClaw made, but was too far away to do any damage. I wanted to shoot, but held back to maintain blaster power until I could get close. I caught him as he turned back to attack, and, hitting the afterburners, I traded a few punches before he went down. My computer was in trouble and my missile launch system was destroyed, but I turned and helped Knight take out the second Jalthi with the guns. In minutes, the Dorkir was toast, using just gunfire from the rear.

We were really working well as a team, and the next target, two more Jalthi and another Dorkir, weren't as tough as the group we'd just fought.

I'd really learned some lessons on this mission. In the bar, Knight and I made sure to tell Shotglass how valuable it was to keep one hand on the afterburners at all times and just keep sliding to avoid enemy fire. We knew that everyone would get the word before the night was over.

Preflight Conversations


Hey, Maverick. How's about a cool drink and a tall tale?
Word is, we're pullin' out soon. Hopefully, it's for Kurasawa System.
There's some Kilrathi colonies to beat up on when we get there.
Also, I heard that one of the Kilrathi Aces is flyin' 'round these parts.
Go ask Paladin ... I think he's tangled with him before.
Take care of yourself, Maverick.


Ah, Maverick. Join our party.
We have done well to this point. I believe you have played a major part.
However, should we falter now, I fear that we will be pushed back to our colonies.
But that is not likely. You, myself, all of us can affect that outcome.
Think about that when next you fly. It will guide your actions.


Well now, lad. 'Tis good to see you again. Have a seat and tilt a glass.
I hear ol' Shotglass rumblin' on about one o' the Kilrathi aces.
Last I 'eard, laddie, the only ace around these parts was Bakhtosh Redclaw.
T'was back a few years when I had a tussle with him.
He's one o' their nobles, so it's said.While most Kilrathi look at humans as animals...
...he thinks that we're not even that high or mighty.
Anyhow, lad, I was servin' on a cruiser when he led a Jalthi attack on our ship.
He's easily the deadest aim that Kilrah's got to offer.
He took out four o' me mates before we knew what hit us.
Keep an eye out for him, lad. He's a tough warrior.

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing. Dakota System, 13:20 hours, 2654.139.

Peter Halcyon
No time to waste, people, so let's get to it.
Xi wing reports a Kilrathi supply convoy moving into our attack range.
We can't pass up a target like this...so Epsilon wing is going to take it out.
Maverick, you will lead Knight on this one. You boys think you can pull it off?
Christopher Blair
No problem, sir.
Peter Halcyon
There is something you don't yet know, Maverick.
Our spotters have placed a Kilrathi ace, Bakhtosh Redclaw, with the convoy.
He's a Kilrathi nobleman, and the deadliest shot in the entire Kirathi navy.
Here's the scenario for this one.
You'll first intercept a Dorkir-class tanker at the jumppoint near Nav 1.
Blow her to bits and proceed to Nav 2.
At that point, you should sight at least one Kilrathi troop transport.
Those transports are your main objective ... and probably the best defended.
You are to engage and destroy all Kilrathi transports. No survivors.
You watch yourself with Redclaw, but concentrate your fire on the 'sports.
You launch in three minutes.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing. 16:20 hours, 2654.139.

Peter Halcyon
Good landing, Maverick. How did things go out there?
Christopher Blair
The tanker's been nailed, sir. She went up in a flash.
Peter Halcyon
Good job. How did you fare against the troop carriers?
Christopher Blair
We took out the first transport without too much problem...
...the second one was tougher...but we got her too.
Peter Halcyon
I knew that you boys could do it. That's damn good work.
You two have done well today.
According to the log, you shot down Bakhtosh Redclaw. My congratulations.
According to your flight recorder...
You wasted 8 of the fuzzballs, Maverick...
and Knight took down 4.
Captain, stop by my office after your shift.

Colonel Halcyon’s Office. 16:50 hours, 2654.139.

Peter Halcyon
Blair. Come in. I need to speak with you.
Christopher Blair
Yes, sir?
Peter Halcyon
I’ve been speaking with sector command. The brass have been reviewing your record, and I have good news.
The order came in this morning, I’ve been authorised to promote you.
Congratulations, Major Blair. Keep up the good work.
Christopher Blair
Thank you, sir. I’ll do my best.
Peter Halcyon
Glad to hear it. We’ll be leaving Dakota soon, and I need to make some personnel changes.
Effective immediately following the jump, you’ll be reassigned.
I want you in one of the new Rapier-class mediums, in Black Lion Squadron.
Christopher Blair
Yes, sir. You won’t be sorry.
Peter Halcyon
Good. I’m glad to hear it. That’s all, then, Major.

Hangar Deck. 17:00 hours, 2654.139.

Peter Halcyon
For meritorious conduct in confronting the Kilrathi enemy, in the Dakota system, on or about 2654.139,
the Terran Confederation is proud to present the Gold Star to Major Blair.
Your courage is exemplary of the Confederation’s finest defenders.
Good job, Maverick. Congratulations.
Christopher Blair
Thank you, sir.

Filled with pride, Maverick meets the applause of his fellows.

Win / Lose Series



Human Colony on the water planet, Hurricane, Port Hedland System.

After the Terran fleet has defeated the Kilrathi at Port Hedland,
Hurricane’s planetary defences head off a last-ditch Kilrathi assault.

Next Mission: Theta Wing (Kurasawa System)


Human Colony on the water planet, Hurricane, Port Hedland System.

While Kilrathi vessels over Hurricane gain control of Port Hedland space,
a wing of Dralthi fighters descend to attack settlements on the surface.
The defeat of Hurricane’s colonists is swift and complete.

Next Mission: Gamma Wing (Rostov System)