Alpha Wing (Brimstone System)

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Alpha Wing
Date 2654.135.0600
Fighter Scimitar
Wingmen Todd Marshall
Objectives Proceed to Nav 1

Proceed to Nav 2
Proceed to Nav 3

Notes Proceed to Nav 1

Proceed to Nav 2
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Next Theta Wing (Brimstone System)

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

The twitch at the corner of the Colonel's mouth betrayed his anxiety. I could tell the failed sabotage operation was squeezing the Confederation's resources in Brimstone system. Unsure of the strength of Kilrathi forces, Halcyon ordered Alpha Wing to gather intelligence on the enemy forces on the second planet.

Then he dropped a bomb.

"Maniac is your wingman, Prankster."

The normal rustling in the briefing room was stilled. Everyone knew my feelings about the cocky redhead, and, to add insult to injury, it was my first mission without a veteran guarding my wing. I started to protest, but decided I was still too new to the Claw to start griping about an assignment.

"How much trouble can he cause?" I wondered

Maniac sighted the enemy about 15,000 km from Nav 1. He notified me, hit full afterburners, and rolled into an attack on a single Salthi before I could respond.

"Keep formation!' I screamed. He kept racing away.

"Form on my wing!" I was frantic, knowing the colonel didn't want us to engage unless it was unavoidable.

"No way, Lieutenant," was Maniac's only reply. I ordered him back to base, but knew he wouldn't respond.

I wanted to leave Maniac to his own devices and blast away to the first Nav point, but I knew the Confederation needed every ship for the battles to come...and every pilot, no matter how undisciplined.

I broke to the left, rolled hard and headed for Maniac's target. New blips appeared on the radar screen. I kept them on the left of my viewscreen and circled to the right. I figured Maniac could handle a single Salthi, and I could try to sneak in behind the approaching wing.

Just as I discovered it was three Gratha, Maniac whooped and said he had obliterated his target. When I take on a heavy fighter like a Gratha from the cockpit of a Scimitar, I need my wingman's guns. If you're ever going to take an order, I prayed, take this one, Maniac.

I locked on to the trailing Gratha and ordered Maniac to attack my target. Surprisingly, he complied, and now we had two mass-driver cannons to work with. I launched a Dart DF, and watched the target break to avoid the explosive warhead. The Gratha was in perfect position for a kill, and I have to admit, Maniac's guns were honed. The right VDU showed that the enemy's shields were down, and after my first shot with the Gatling, the pilot ejected.

I ordered Maniac to break and attack since we were now one-on-one with the enemy. We stayed on the afterburners and crowded the Gratha until our mass drivers could weaken the shields and set up a score with the heat-seekers.

I was elated with our success, but infuriated by Maniac's senseless attack. Our damage was light, but enough to threaten the rest of the mission.

The two Krant came out of nowhere. I didn't even see them, but I knew there was trouble when Maniac left formation. I didn't bother trying to stop him.

I knew the battle would turn on the strength of our mass drivers against the range of the Krant's lasers. Avoid damage at long range, I thought, and we could hold our own in tight. It wasn't as much of an advantage as I thought.

I wasn't sure we would survive. My eject warning sounded and I was close to punching out, but a review of the damage display made me think I could hang on for a few more passes. I just concentrated on staying close to the Krant and using my mass drivers to weaken the rear shields. It looked like one of those old movies of race cars drafting one another at Indianapolis. I tried to stay within 100 meters so the Krant couldn't turn quickly and return fire. It worked, and the first Krant flew into a thousand pieces when a Javelin hit. With Maniac and I hammering the second fighter, it didn't last much longer.

Back at the Claw, I stormed into Halcyon's office and reported Maniac's lack of discipline. I screamed for court martial proceedings for disobeying a direct order. I wanted him hung from the highest yardarm, if we could just find a yardarm in space. "I'd like to honor both of your requests," the colonel said, "but we need every pilot-even the independent ones."

Preflight Conversations


Hey, Maverick. Get you something?
Been awfully quiet 'round here since we jumped into Brimstone.
Scuttlebutt is that there are four Kilrathi bases on Brimstone II...' we're lookin' at some serious action, real soon.

Talk to HUNTER

G'day, Maverick ... pull up a chair.
Maniac an' I 'ave just been tradin' war stories...
...trying to come up with some clues on 'ow the Kilrathi think.
Todd Marshall
That is, WHEN they think.
Ian St. John
Oh, they'll surprise you, sometimes, mate.
Their favorite trick is to set up a good ambush... if you see a lone furball with a broke wing, watch y'self.
'E's got mates right around the corner.

Talk to MANIAC

Have a seat, Maverick.
Hope we see some action soon...
...I'm looking forward to scoring some more kills.
By the way, I hear we'll be flying together.
They say you're almost as good as me.

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing. Brimstone System, 06:00 hours, 2654.135.

Peter Halcyon
Good morning, boys and girls. Welcome to the Brimstone System.
As you know, there are several Kilrathi military bases on the second planet.
We are here to scout the system before a possible Confederation invasion.
Todd Marshall
Way to go, Chief! Finally, we get some real action!
Peter Halcyon
That will mean a heavy patrol schedule...
Todd Marshall
Patrol schedule? Aw, hell, that's no fun!
Peter Halcyon we gather intelligence on the strength of local Kilrathi forces.
You're first in the rotation, Maverick. For your wing, I want you to take...
...Maniac, I think. He seems to be anxious for an assignment.
Todd Marshall
Oh, sure. Send me.
I wouldn't want you to trouble Iceman or Hunter with a routine patrol.
Peter Halcyon
Stow it, Marshall. There's always lavatories to scrub, if you'd rather.
Todd Marshall
Peter Halcyon
I thought so.
Now, let's look at your patrol plan, Maverick.
It's a simple three-point route, with a few asteroids near Nav 2.
Keep alert. We really don't know what to expect out there...
...but we know we're in hairball territory.
Just fly your route and get back with a report...
...and if Maniac gives you any static... have my permission to shoot him to pieces.
Christopher Blair
Should I use missiles, sir, or ship's guns?
Peter Halcyon
Guns, Maverick. Save your missiles for important targets.
Todd Marshall
Peter Halcyon
Squadron dismissed.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing. 15:00 hours, 2654.135.

Flew Well Flew Poorly
Peter Halcyon
Nice work out there, Maverick.
Peter Halcyon
So you ran into a few furballs out there, Maverick?

Christopher Blair
Yes sir. Looked like they were expecting us.

Peter Halcyon
Don't let them get the jump on you, son. You may not come back.
Wingman's Alive Wingman Dies
Peter Halcyon
You both handled a dangerous situation well.

Todd Marshall
Thanks, Chief. We were just too much for'em.

Christopher Blair
It got pretty rough, but we came through it.
Christopher Blair
Thank you, sir. I only wish Maniac had made it back too.

Peter Halcyon
He got careless, Maverick. Don't let it happen to you.
Peter Halcyon
Let's go over the report from your recorder.
Your Kills No Kills
Peter Halcyon
You toasted (number) of their ships, Maverick...
Peter Halcyon
No kills for you, Maverick.
Wingman's Kills No Kills
Peter Halcyon
and Maniac got (number) of the hairballs.
Peter Halcyon
and Maniac struck out.
Wingman's Alive/Solo Wingman Dies
Peter Halcyon
And Maniac bought it out there.
Awards/Reprimands None
Peter Halcyon
And I want to see you in my office later, Maverick.
Peter Halcyon

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