Sigma Wing (Gateway System)

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Sigma Wing
Date 2654.134.0600
Fighter Hornet
Wingmen Paladin
Objectives Proceed to Nav Point 1

Escort Drayman-Class Transport back to the Tiger's Claw

Notes Proceed to Nav Point 1

Escort Drayman-Class transport back to the Tiger's Claw

Previous Kappa Wing (Gateway System)
Next Alpha Wing (Brimstone System) (Win Series)
Epsilon Wing (Cheng-Du System) (Lose Series)

Mission Layout

  • Halfway between Tiger's Claw and Nav 1
  • Nav 1
    • Drayman to be escorted / No Enemies
  • Halfway between Nav 1 and Tiger's Claw


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

According to the transcripts, this mission, flown by Iceman and Knight in the Gateway System, bears striking similarities to the escort mission I flew with Psi Wing in McAuliffe.

Halcyon: "I heard you took out Bhurak Starkiller, Major. What's the scoop on dogfighting with a Kilrathi ace?"

Iceman: "We'd destroyed five Krants on the way to Nav 1, met the Drayman, and were headed back to the Claw when three Salthi attacked. Bhurak was closest and I knew it would save lives in the future if I could eliminate him."

Halcyon: "How did you engage and still protect the Drayman from the enemy?"

Iceman: "Normally, I tell my wingman to attack my target when meeting a Kilrathi ace, but I ordered him to break and attack. When he took off after another target, I slammed on the afterburners and went after Bhurak. I was hoping Knight could keep the Salthi busy until I returned. It was a judgement call."

"Bhurak flies like he was born in the cockpit. I've never seen an enemy pilot make a Salthi dance like he did. On the first pass, he hit me with two shots from his laser and my fore shields went down. Then he made a hard turn and scooted directly away. I followed with afterburners and was able to get a lock with the Javelin. I launched, but he dodged the heat-seeker and came straight at me. This time, though, I refused to meet him head-on."

"I yanked the stick back. I'm lucky it didn't break off. I went to afterburners and looped back on him. Bhurak was ready for my tactic and hit me from below. He started to turn and run, but this time I was on him like a cheap suit. I stayed on his tail, punching the afterburners and cutting loose with the lasers. He was rolling and changing speeds, but I was hitting him hard, and finally he went down. It was surprisingly easy, but the key to a successful mission was Knight's ability to keep the other Salthi busy until I returned to the Drayman."

Halcyon: "You were lucky, Major."

Preflight Conversations


Hey there, Maverick. Get you somethin’?

Paladin is Alive Paladin is Dead

I’m glad to see you and Paladin gettin’ along so well.
He’ll be retirin’ soon, you know?

I'm glad to see you and Paladin were gettin' along so well.

He was s'posed to retire soon, you know?


Been flyin’ fighters for twenty-odd years...
Paladin is Alive Paladin is Dead

...and now they're putting him out to pasture.

...and he buys it a month before his retirement.


He and I used to fly together back before the war started.
Darn good man, the old Claw’ll miss him.


Chen Kien
Maverick, sit down. I want to compare notes with you.
I’ve been watching the way Dralthi maneuver, and I think I’ve noticed something.
Seems to me that when you’re hot on a Dralthi’s tail, and he pulls a loop to shake you,
he always goes up or down, never to the side. Ever notice that?
Maverick shrugs in tentative agreement.
Chen Kien
Well, they do… always up or down, never left or right.
Paladin is Alive Paladin is Dead

James Taggart
Y’know, lad, I believe you’re right.

Chen Kien
I think it’s because those big wings block their vision to the sides,
but above and below – between the wings – their vision is clear.


I’d like ta tell ya, laddie, s’been good flyin’ with you.
We’ll be pullin’ outta McAuliffe soon, an’ the Colonel likes to shake up the wings every now an’ then.
So let me give you one last piece of advice, a young wingman ain’t goin’ ta stick by you the way I have, lad.
That’s no criticism of ’em, lad, just a fact.
A youngster’s got a name to make and a career to think on, ’e’ll be lookin’ to make a hero of ’imself.
An old man like meself, on the other hand…
well, I’m just wantin’ to make it back so I can retire in one piece.

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing. Gateway System, 06:00 hours, 2654.134.

Peter Halcyon
All right, folks, we'll be pulling out from Gateway tomorrow...
...but before we do, we've got a few tankers and 'sports coming in.
Since yesterday's attack on the Tiger's Claw...'s clear we need to be especially vigilant in escorting these ships.
Now, here are the assignments for transport escorts...

The colonel makes the assignments for the wings.You draw the final run...

Paladin is Alive Paladin is Dead

Peter Halcyon
Maverick and Paladin will take the last detail.

Peter Halcyon
Maverick, you'll be flying the last detail solo.
Peter Halcyon
Maverick and Paladin will take the last detail.
Here's the flight plan...
You'll meet a Drayman-class transport here, at Nav 1.
As soon as it arrives, the 'sport will head for the Tiger's Claw.
It'll be moving at top speed, and won't deviate from its shortest course...
So you'll have to protect it from any attackers.
Stay with her ... don't let enemy fighters draw you away from the tanker.
I've got one more bit of intelligence to pass along to everyone.
We believe Bhurak Starkiller may be in the system.
Jeannette Devereaux
Bhurak Starkiller, sir?
Peter Halcyon
He's Kilrah's hottest pilot in the Salthi light fighter.
We don't know where he's likely to turn up...
...but one wing or another is bound to run into him.
So look alert out there, all right?
Squadron dismissed.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing. 15:00 hours, 2654.134.

Flew Well Flew Poorly
Paladin is Alive Paladin Died / Solo

Peter Halcyon
Well done, gentelmen. The 'sport's skipper asked me to thank you both.

Peter Halcyon
Good work out there, Maverick. The tanker skipper asked me to thank you.

Peter Halcyon
So we lost the 'sport, Maverick? That's going to cost all of us, you now.
Christopher Blair
I know, sir. But there were just too many enemy fighters.

Bhurak Dies Bhurak Escapes Paladin is Alive Paladin Died / Solo

Peter Halcyon
And my personal congratulations for dispatching Bhurak Starkiller.

Christopher Blair
Paladin and I couldn't handle all of them at once...
Peter Halcyon
I understand, son, but we were too short-handed to send two wings.
If we're going to win this war...
...we're all going to have to do the work of three men.
Christopher Blair
I'm just glad to get that fuel back to the Claw, sir.
James Taggart
Now, don't go discountin' the fun in givin' the hairballs a black eye, lad.
Peter Halcyon
Enough of that, though. Let's review the mission...
Your Kills No Kills
Peter Halcyon
You racked up (number), Maverick...
Peter Halcyon
No kills for you, Maverick.
Wingman's Kills No Kills
and Paladin got (number) of the hairballs. and Paladin came up empty.
Wingman's Alive/Solo Wingman Dies
Peter Halcyon
We lost Paladin out there.
Bhurak Dies Bhurak Escapes
Peter Halcyon
And you shot down Bhurak Starkiller...
Everything else, aside, Maverick, that was excellent work.
Awards/Reprimands None
And I want to see you in my office later, Maverick.

Peter Halcyon


Colonel Halcyon’s Office. 16:50 hours, 2654.134.

Peter Halcyon
Blair. Come in. I need to speak with you.
Christopher Blair
Yes, sir?
Peter Halcyon
I’ve been speaking with sector command.
The brass have been reviewing your record, and I have good news.
The order came in this morning, I’ve been authorised to promote you.
Congratulations, Captain Blair. Keep up the good work.
Christopher Blair
Thank you, sir. I’ll do my best.
Peter Halcyon
Glad to hear it. We’ll be leaving Gateway soon, and I need to make some personnel changes.
Effective immediately following the jump, you’ll be reassigned.
I want you in a Scimitar-class medium fighter, with Blue Devil Squadron.
Christopher Blair
Yes, sir. You won’t be sorry.
Peter Halcyon
Good. I’m glad to hear it. That’s all, then, Captain. Dismissed.

Hangar Deck. 17:00 hours, 2654.134.

Peter Halcyon
For meritorious conduct in confronting the Kilrathi enemy,
in the Gateway system, on or about 2654.134,
the Terran Confederation is proud to present the Silver Star to Captain Blair.
Your courage is exemplary of the Confederation’s finest defenders.
Good job, Maverick. Congratulations.
Christopher Blair
Thank you, sir.

Filled with pride, Maverick meets the applause of his fellows.